Saturday, January 28, 2006

Time to Halt the Gravy Train pt 4

I just heard on Headline News that FEMA is going to extend the deadline for those staying in hotels yet again! Somebody needs to wake up! These freeloaders aren't going to leave until you evict them! They're living better and more comfortably than they ever have, and than they will be when they are finally cut off from the government teat. Katrina hit New Orleans and Mississippi on August 29, 2005. According to FEMA, there are currently 27,000 rooms still being paid for by we taxpayers. Those people can get a code that will allow them to stay in those rooms after Feb. 7, 2006. Some of them will be allowed to stay Until March 1, 2006. (and theoretically even longer in some cases)

How many times are we going to tell these folks that their time is up...find yourself a place to live? I would love for somebody to do a survey of the people living in those 27,000 rooms and find out how many of them were, and are, on welfare and other government handouts.


Lone Ranger said...

Maybe we should send the bills to the DNC.

GS said...

Lone Ranger, I'd agree if Dems controlled Congress and the White House.

This Administration/Congress is just as good at throwing money around as any Democratic one.