Sunday, August 31, 2008

You Dummies Just Don't Get It

I've been watching the Sunday Morning talk shows. It's all the same thing. Palin has no experience, she has no foriegn policy experience.

We. Don't. Care.

It's not about experience. It's about character, judgement, conviction and (political) courage.

And I'll take Palin over Obama or Biden on those grounds any day.

Americans aren't stupid. (well most of them anyway)

Palin's biggest liability with the political class is her biggest asset with the American people. She isn't a member of the political class, isn't afraid of the political class, and is willing to confront the political class.

I'm telling you, this won't be close.

An Eventful Night In Azeroth

Well we were scheduled to do Gruul's again tonight, but because of the holiday weekend we couldn't get enough toons to try it. So while I was grinding out some dailies, I was asked to tank a run through normal Shadow Labyrinth. I said sure, I'm always up for instances.

The group was me and four other members of my guild. Turned out they were starting a Karazhan key frag run, that I just happened to need also. We jammed through normal Shadow Labyrinth pretty quick and easy. I finally figured out how to tank the bosses for this instance. (my guild is really patient with me, and I've learned so much in the past two or three weeks) Then we moved on to the Steam Vaults, but didn't kill any of the bosses, just got the key frag. Next up was the Arcatraz, a floating prison in the Netherstorm. This was my first time here. Again we just did the minimum to get the key frag, but we did it twice this time because one of the guys had two toons that needed it. By now it was getting late eastern time, but we moved on to the Caverns of Time. First we did the Durnholde instance. I really don't know why, unless you have to complete it first before you can do the Black Morass instance. We had some awful lag spikes right near the end of Durnholde, and we came close to failing. Finally we moved on to the Black Morass to talk to Medivh and get the key to Karazhan. This was an interesting and rather involved fight. From comments the other guys made this used to be quite hard, but it was a piece of cake for us. I was wondering if one day Karazhan or Gruul's Lair will seem this easy.

So I got my Kara key (and a Caverns of Time key) and saw a lot of WoW I'd never seen before. All in all, I'm actually pretty glad Gruul's was cancelled.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

USC VS Virginia

1st Quarter 7:00 - This looks like USC scrimmaging against a high school team so far. The USC defense is completely dominating and intimidating Virginia's offense, and the USC offense is moving at will.

Update: 52-7 USC. Sanchez looked pretty good. Bring on Ohio State in two weeks!

Is McCain A Toaster?

This is actually kind of funny.....

Short Answer? - Yes!

OK..The Leftwing wackos and Kossacks have already been frothing at the mouth. It's very amusing to see them questioning the experience of a candidate for national office. Not only did the Democratic Party lose its sense of humor, they have lost their ability to sense hypocrisy.

But Gov. palin has been attacked form the right also. David Frum is typical: "If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?"

In a word, yes. I am tired of politics dominated by a professional political class. I want people who have actually done things, run businesses, met a payroll, paid taxes and yes served on the PTA. I want real people involved. Let's look at what she has done:

1) Cut spending, both as mayor and governor.
2) Cut taxes, both as mayor and governor.
3) Made real reforms, and attacked corruption, both as mayor and governor.
4) Been willing to defy and oppose the party machine.
5) Defeated the immediately prior Republican and Democratic governor in her election to governor.

On my high school list someone came on and praised Sen. Obama. I asked them: What has Obama accomplished besides managing to get electedto the Illinois Senate, U.S. Senate and then nominated for president. The only answer they came up with is that he got into Harvard as a Black man from a single parent family. WtH? First of all, he is as much White as Black. More really, he was raised primarily by his White grandparents (not a single mother) in Hawaii where race is much less of a concern than most places. Second, as stated, he was not raised by a single mother. His mother remarried quite quickly, and for most of his life he was actually raised by his grandparents. Lastly, surely he will proudly admit that he got into Harvard through Affirmative Action (AA), given his views on AA and his statements about Justice Thomas? So how tough was that? What did he do at Harvard?

He has not stayed in a job longer than four years, has no legislative record to speak of (and what he does have is known to have been drafted by his Chicago mentor and given to him), was given the nickname "Mr. Present" for his perfiormance in the Illinois Senate, has been constantly running for office since entering politics and submerged himself with the Chicago and National Democratic Political machines.

The only thing he has done is read speeches off a teleprompter well.

I'll put Gov. Palin's experience against Sen. Obama's anytime, anywhere.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Going, Going ....Gone

I've been talking up Gov. Polin for months now, telling all my friends she would be the perfect VP pick. I just didn't think McCain had the political courage to pick her.

I was not happy about McCain as the nominee, and only planned to vote for him in order to vote against Obama. However, after watching his performance at the Saddleback forum and now his pick for VP.....I'm actually beginning to become enthusiastic.

In my opinion, this pick was a homerun.......

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stanford VS Oregon State

Woo Hoo college football at last. I managed to catch the last 9 minutes of this game. Pretty exciting. Too bad Catchings had to blow Oregon State's real chance to tie it up by trying to grandstand on the 1 yard line.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What Next?

OK...For some reason it has become acceptable to state that people have a "right" to health care. I don't know where it came from. The Founders would have found it inconceivable. Is there some new penumbra I've missed? Or are they using the "evolving social standards" excuse? (which by the way, the Constiution was specifically designed to counter)

So what is next? I guarantee you if they win (and it looks like they will) on health care, they'll find some new "right" to demand that government provide.

I will actually make a prediction on the next "right". Internet access. Remember you read it here first.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It Was A Joke Son, I Say A Joke......

Ok, if I hear one more Democrat attack McCain by saying he believes you have to have five million dollars to be rich, I'm going to puke. Anyone who saw the Saddleback forum knows he was making a joke. McCain even predicted at the time that the Democrats would act this way. I just don't get it, how can anyone respect people who would take what was obviously a joke and attempt to convince people that this is McCain's real opinion?

If I was McCain, I would immediately make a commercial with the original comment from the Saddleback forum (including the prediction about how the Democrats would behave), a quote from an Obama campaign ad attacking Mccain for the $5 million comment, and then a voice asking something like" If he's willing to lie about this, what else is he willing to lie about?"

If I was a late night talk show host I'd be asking "when did the Democratic Party lose its sense of humor?"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The O and Joe Show

So, Obama picks Joe Biden. Two senators, one who's been around for thirty years. That sounds like change to me. (not) I don't have a real problem with Biden, he's a pretty typical Democrat, a little better on national security than most. However, he's made some statements that the Republicans will be featuring in commercials for sure.

My biggest concern is the fact that Biden has had two brain aneurysms. Surely he's got some increased risk for another one?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crazy For Karazhan Day 2

We started day 2 back in the curator's room. We cleared trash through the library and into Aran's room. Some sloppy pulls with some adds. I had some trouble picking up aggro. I died a couple of times.

Finally we made it to the Shade of Aran. We took him down easy. I got a Shermanar Great Ring, it was an upgrade over WindTrader's Band. The main tank was a little more aggressive clearing the trash mobs between bosses than I was used to, and I had trouble picking up aggro on some of my offtanking assignments.

Next was the Chess Event, where we (surprise) play chess. This is usually a walk over, we've only lost once out of all the times I've been in here.

Next we moved on to Prince Malchezaar. I always die in this fight. It's just what happens to melee fighters if they aren't the main tank. I've never seen one survive the whole fight. My current weapon was dropped by this guy, the Decapitator. Tonight I got another axe from him, this time a two handed axe to use when I'm not tanking. It's called Gorehowl.

Then we moved on to Netherspite, or the "Beam Dragon" This is my favorite fight in Karazhan. Easy as pie as usual. The hardest part of this fight is running back and finding your beam location.

Next was Terestian Illhoof. I have an interesting assignment in this fight. The boss has an imp companion, Kil'rek. I tank him the whole fight, and usually kill him two or three times, because he respawns about 45 seconds after he dies. The toughest part for me is targeting him and getting aggro when he respawns. Another one shot. We switched out Mystii for Lager again for this fight.

Unfortunately, we moved on to the Maiden of Virtue. I hate this fight, especially when they decide to make me main tank it. We wiped three times. Then they had me and the other tank tank it together, and it went pretty smoothly. To be honest, I don't think the wipes were all my fault, but I'm sure I contributed to them. I got Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden, which may turn out not to be an upgrade for me, but I was the only one on the raid who could wear plate.

Lastly we moved on to Nightbane. It was getting late, so we decided to only give it one try. We got him down to 40% and then we wiped. I maight have had something to do with this. Apparently I somehow grabbed aggro away from the tank. I tried to give it back, but we wiped. To be honest, a lot of times we skip this fight altogether.

From what I understand, our guild fights the bosses in a different order than many guilds, and we use a few strategies that are uncommon, but things usually go very smoothly. We wiped four times tonight, which is unusual for us, but considering we fought six bosses, not all that bad. Skuud got a lot of good drops tonight, and I got a couple of good ones.

The same crew as last night except Awlbiste missed the raid, and Wickum, a Night Elf Druid (surprise) took her place.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crazy for Karazhan

I got lucky tonight when some people who signed up for Karazhan didn't show. (I was on the standby list because I got to go last week.)

Everyone in the group was pretty experienced, but a lot were on alts, so they were taking on roles they don't normally do. We took out Attumen the Huntsman first. It was pretty cake, until this idiot warrior (me) pulled a group of elites near the blacksmith after the boss fight. We wiped because I had a total brainfart. Everyone was pretty cool about it though.

Then we headed upstairs to take out Moroes. Again this went well, if not actually textbook. We pulled adds on a couple of occassions but picked them up pretty easily.

Next we moved on to the Opera Event. It was Oz this time, a first for me. I got to kite Tinhead around, then help kill The Crone. The cool thing about that fight was when the Crone cast cyclone on me and I got bounced around up in the air for about 20 seconds.

After this fight we ran back out, and went around to the back to take on The Curator. We ended up pulling the boss early, but recovered nicely and got him down first try.

All in all a great group. The only wipe was due to my stupidity.
Amaraa - a Night Elf Druid (Main Tank)
Arienna - a Night Elf Hunter
Awlbiste - a Night Elf Druid
Fyra - a Night Elf Druid
Gahrie (me) - a Human Warrior (Off Tank)
Mangler - a Dwarf Hunter
Moonsfire - a Draenei Shaman
Mystii - a Draenei Mage
Skudd - a Gnome Rogue
Ydnareno - a Night Elf Priest
Lager - a Gnome Warlock was switched in for the Attumen fight, I believe in hopes of getting a drop.

Here's hoping the second half goes as well tomorrow night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Visit To Gruul's

The guild raided Gruul's Lair tonight. We were a little tank and healer heavy. Still it was nice to have 25 players turn out. We never did manage to kill him, but we came close....a few unlucky cave-ins hurt. We had him down to 9% at our last wipe. Friday we are supposed to go to Serpentshrine Cavern and take on Lurker, but I don't know if I will be able to make it...I think I have a fantasy football draft at that time.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stupid Commecials # 1,056,456

J.C. Penny has got a commecial on currently for back to school clothes. Someone thought it would be a smart idea to use music and scenes from Breakfast Club. Stupid idea. Those of us who remember the movie resent the exploitation, and those who the ad was aimed at have never seen the movie.

How I Met Your Mother

OK, I flip on the TV and this show is on. Now I sometimes watch this show simply because Alyson Hannigan is on it. She's hot. Now apparently one of the current storylines is that she's constantly horny, but not getting any. OMG. This should be illegal. I'd go with her to bandcamp anytime. By the way, I love her as a brunette. Of course I loved her as a redhead also.

Lame Lame Lame

Oh you lefties slay me. McCain cleans your guys clock, so now you all come scuttling out of the wood work to accuse McCain of cheating at the forum and lying about his prison camp story. Lame.

By the way, it's Obama who lied about the Born Alive bills in the Illinois Senate, and his only example for his bravery in "crossing the aisle", he actually punked out.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please Allow Myself To Introduce....Myself

For anyone who happens to play WoW that may come by, my main account is on the Realm Draenor, and my main toon is a level 70 human protection warrior named Gahrie. I'm currently leveling a nightelf hunter named Shoan, and a human warlock named Kirbdawg.

My guild, Mythos, is pretty cool...I've gone from being a complete noob to someone who can at least act like he knows what he is doing. My main role is to punch the big guy in the nose, and then stand there and get hit while everyone else kills him. It's called tanking, and I'm referred to as a tank. (or more accurately at the moment as the offtank or second tank in bigger raids) I have leveled out blacksmithing, mining, first aid, fishing and cooking (yes I said fishing and cooking for you non-WoWers) I'm hoping when WotLK (next expansion) comes out the levels will go up.

Throw Me A Frickin' Bone Here....

Someone needs to put a warning label on bottles of concentrated grape juice!

I'm just sayin'....


Hello everybody, my name is Gary and I'm addicted to WoW. (cue everyone responding "Hello Gary") The problem is, I can't use the next line, I'm still in the throes of my addiction. (If you have no idea that WoW means World of Warcraft, you're still safe.)

I started on the small stuff, like Age of Empires and Civilization. I soon moved on to Diablo. But soon I needed a bigger score. I moved on to the hard stuff, City of Heroes. I began to get my friends addicted. But I was still in control. I could handle the stuff. Then I fell into the abyss. World of Warcraft. I'd heard about this one, but stayed away from it. Then one day I heard a siren song. Just get a trial account, try it out. The next day I was at BestBuy buying a WoW battlechest. Soon I was playing the game for 12 hours at a time. (seriously...I'm a school teacher and single...which means no life and lots of free time during the summer)

Last night I was chastised by a good friend, who pointed out (among other things) that I have been neglecting this blog. So, I'm going to try and do better.

College football is coming up, and I absolutely love that sport, especially when USC is supposed to have a good year, and they are this year) Expect at least a weekly report about collge football. (end the BCS!)

It's an election year for goodness sake! Expect some political posts. I can't get excited about McCain. He's too liberal for me. However I will support him as the alternative to Obama. Seriously what exactly has Obama ever done but give a good speech from teleprompters? More to follow.

You can expect some posts about WoW for that matter.

So...I'm back, and I'll try to do better. (battle: puff pastery on Iron Chef?!? What the hell?)