Sunday, August 24, 2008

It Was A Joke Son, I Say A Joke......

Ok, if I hear one more Democrat attack McCain by saying he believes you have to have five million dollars to be rich, I'm going to puke. Anyone who saw the Saddleback forum knows he was making a joke. McCain even predicted at the time that the Democrats would act this way. I just don't get it, how can anyone respect people who would take what was obviously a joke and attempt to convince people that this is McCain's real opinion?

If I was McCain, I would immediately make a commercial with the original comment from the Saddleback forum (including the prediction about how the Democrats would behave), a quote from an Obama campaign ad attacking Mccain for the $5 million comment, and then a voice asking something like" If he's willing to lie about this, what else is he willing to lie about?"

If I was a late night talk show host I'd be asking "when did the Democratic Party lose its sense of humor?"


Anonymous said...

Honestly, the $5M dollar line is "whatever". But if the leader of the free world can't remember how many homes he owns, that's disturbing from a mental competency aspect since he is the global figurehead of the nation. How would that same interview reflect upon America (and Americans) if it occurred overseas? Not very well.

Gahrie said...

This too was distorted. McCain knows how many homes he owns. None. The question was however, how man do you and your wife own. McCain has no interest in his wife's fortune, it is not a shared marital asset. She is the one who owns all the real estate, not him. So he has no idea how many houses SHE owns.