Monday, October 31, 2005

Here Comes Da Judge Pt. 7

So it's Alito. I don't know much aboput him yet, but Sen. Kennedy and the leftwingers seem to hate him, so he can't be too bad. His nickname is Scalito (little Scalia) which also bodes well. Looks like we might get the fight we've all been waiting for.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Life Sucks

I just started a four week vacation, after working on Saturday yesterday. So of course I wake up with a cold.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Here Comes Da Judge Pt 6

Harriet Miers has just withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court! Finally.

But now wait for the Democratic Underground moonbats to start saying this was the plan all along to distract attention from the CIA leak special prosecutor.

Now we await a qualified nominee. Probably another woman.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The BCS Sucks!

Coaches Poll
USC #1
Texas #2

Harris Poll
USC #1

Computer Ranking
Texas #1

BCS Ranking
Texas #1
USC #2

So USC is ahead in two out of three rankings, including the two based on humans, yet they are still ranked second in the BCS. That is just plain wrong, and is further evidence that the BCS is still junk, despite trying to fix it the last five years. Football is about more than numbers, and the BCS should be scrapped after this season. USC clearly should have been in the championship game two years ago, but the BCS screwed them. The human system, the AP championship recognized this and gave USC their championship, thus splitting the championship with LSU in 2003. (which is exactly one of the things the BCS was supposed to prevent) If numbers were all that mattered, we wouldn't need to play the games. The only saving grace at this point is that the #3 team is so far behind that unless Texas or USC loses they should both play in the championship game anyway.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

West Wing Pt 2

Well that went about the way I expected. Toby (Schiff) came forward when it was apparent the investigation was screwing everybody. By the way Garafalo's presence isn't as jarring/offensive as I feared it would be.


Damn it! Another youthful pleasure ruined. I just can't watch the M*A*S*H TV show anymore. Knowing the politics of the stars and the writers has ruined it for me. That used to be my favorite TV show. Well I still have the movie (despite Donald Sutherland) and the books. The books are quite different from the TV show, and much more in the spirit of the movie. I would love it if someone made more movies based on the books. They would be something similar to the British "Carry On" movies. (another guilty pleasure)

Saturday, October 22, 2005


The Illinois - Penn State is turning out to be a "classic". Illinois score first, a field goal. Penn State then score 56 straight points. IN THE FIRST HALF! Penn State fans must be killing themselves over the fact they lost last week. Let's see how badly Papa Joe runs up the score.

UPDATE: Joe did the classy thing and called off the dogs. The only two scores in the second half were a 77 yard Penn State interception return in the 3rd quarter, and a 2 yd Illinois pass play for a TD late in garbage time. 63-10 was the final score. Penn State should get to a BCS game, they deserve it.

Fight On! Pt 3

Well USC won again. Although if we lose any more Defensive Backs, Pete may ask me to suit up and play. UCLA is winning also. The USC-UCLA game is looking more and more important, and will probably decide the PAC-10 champ.

Nov. 8, 2005 Election

Well here's my voting guide:

San Bernardino City Mayor- I know Chas very well, in fact I've worked with him a couple of times , once he was my boss, once I was his. Eventually He might make a great mayor, but not yet. My vote goes to Jim Penman.

Prop 73- Parental notification for a minor's abortion -yes. If a minor can't get a tattoo without permission, then why the hell should they be able to get an abortion?

Prop 74 - Teacher probationary period extended to five years-no. But not because it extends the time needed for tenure. It also removes protections from teachers who already have tenure.

Prop 75 - Paycheck Protection-yes. There is nothing wrong with forcing the unions to get permission to give our money to politicians.

Prop 76- State Spending and School Funding-no. It gives too much power to the governor.

Prop 77- Redistricting-yes. The gerrymandering in Calif. is out of control. Out of 153 elections last year, the incumbent party won 153.

Prop 78 & Prop 79- no on both. The price of drugs is none of the State's business.

Prop 80-no. I will never support the State restricting the rights of customers.

Measure S- No. Libraries are good things, but San Bernardino already collects enough taxes. They just need to spend them better.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I Like It....

You know, I really enjoy the MNF highlights set to Tim McGraw every week. I'm glad they kept them around.

What a week for football, college and pro. Lots of overtime, tight games, last minute scores, and outstanding performances.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fight On! pt 2

Wow. What an ending. It's what the game, and the rivalry, deserved. Another instant classic. Hopefully Notre Dame won't be dropped out of the top ten for this. They deserve to keep a high ranking. California and UCLA look like huge games, both should be in the top 15 at least when the game is played. If SC wins the national championship again this year, they will truly have earned it.

Edit: Oops. California lost to Oregon State today, and UCLA is losing 28-7 to Washington State. Oh well.

Edit 2: UCLA did come back to win in OT.

Fight On!

Back when the season first began, the USC-Notre Dame football game looked like a foregone conclusion. SC was a two time national champ with a Heisman trophy quarterback and two Heisman candidate running backs against a program fallen on hard times. But Weis has turned the Irish around, and SC has looked vulnerable the past couple of games. This is a throwback to the glory days of the SC-Irish rivalry, with both teams in the top ten, one having national championship hopes. Should be a great game. How about SC, 54-48?

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Just when did October become Hispanic Heritage Month? Next question is: Why?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Here Comes da Judge Pt 5

Here is a great post. Writers all over the blogsphere are gnashing their teeth because we didn't write this first. There is an increasing groundswell against Miers, and the GOP elite would be wise to heed it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Learn From My Mistake

If you are ever planning on spending a weekend being violently sick, don't begin the weekend with a large, extra sauce, pineapple, onion, pepperoni and sausage pizza. Trust me.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Commander-in-Chief Pt 2

Well, I just saw the second episode of Commander-in-Chief. It was marginally better than the first episode, in that we saw the first openly Democratic characters, and they were almost as offensive as the Republican characters. We also saw an almost likeable Republican character. (by the way, if I was 20 years younger, I would say that the older daughter was hot...)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Here Comes da Judge Pt 4

Harriet Miers? Harriet F'ing Miers? It's now official. The only good thing I can say about President Bush's second term is that a Kerry presidency would have been a complete clusterf**k.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Here Comes da Judge PT 3

Well, chief Justice Roberts was confirmed, 78-22. Those are not quite Ginsburg numbers, but Republicans have always been more accomodating than Democrats have been. Another interesting thing is that Justice Ginsburg has publically stated that Chief Justice Roberts did the right thing by refusing to answer all of the Judiciary committee's questions during his hearing. I really wish the White House had announced their candidate to fill Justice O'Connor's seat on Friday so it would soak up airtime this weekend, but it will probably come early next week. Here's hoping it's either Judge Luttig or Judge Rogers Brown.

Visas? We Doan Need No Stinkin' Visas! pt 5

Why is the Bush administration protecting illegal aliens who are convicted felons? This is getting more than absurd! Check out this article! There is a law that says that illegal aliens who are released from prison for serious crimes must be deported. (and why aren't all identified illegal aliens automatically deported?) A newspaper discovered that in Georgia this wasn't happening. So they asked the government for the names of these illegal alien felons to do some research on how bad the problem is. The first outrage is that the Bush administration refused to release the names. The second outrage is that a federal judge ( a Republican appointee at that) has refused to force the administration to do so, claiming that the illegal alien felons' right to privacy would be violated! 1) Most U.S. citizen felons have no right to privacy about their criminal record! This information is released all the time, on sexual offender lists, for back ground checks etc. 2) By definition, illegal aliens are not U.S. citizens and have no claim to Constitutional rights! If illegal aliens have the same rights as citizens, then what exactly does it mean to be a citizen? The government and our leaders better wake up and deal with the growing problem of illegal immigration soon, or you are going to see a huge backlash, both against the government and the illegal aliens. The longer the government waits, and the worse the problem gets, the uglier the back lash is going to get. I'm talking vigilante gangs rounding up and beating/deporting illegals ugly.