Saturday, April 04, 2015

Finally Some Good News....

Things haven't been going so great the last decade. Ever since the Democrats gained control of Congress in 2006 things have been going from bad to worse. However two stories this week have begun to restore my faith in the American people.

First you had the response to the attack by the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) on the pizzeria in Indiana. The mob was in full force against this poor family. But the american people have demonstrated which side they are on. A crowd funding site was set up, and in a little more than a day over $750,000 was donated directly to this family. That's probably over ten years worth of profits from their pizzeria. This was clearly a big fuck you to the intolerant Left.

The second story was the overwhelming success of the sad puppies and rabid puppies movements in Sci Fi. Sci Fi in general, and the Hugo Awards in particular, have been co-opted by a vocal SJW minority. Three years ago, rightwing authors in favor of free speech and open debate, began pushing back. This year they have truimphed, dominating the Hugo Awards nominations, and nearly shutting the SJW brigade out.