Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Congratulations to the Democrats and President-Elect Obama. For both your sakes, and the sake of our country, I hope your term in office is successful.

Duty Done

OK..I voted. No line, but steady .

My ballot sucks though. To vote you have to draw a line connecting two parts of an arrow. But it has to be a specific type of line or your vote doesn't count. The ballot is stupid.

All paper ballots should be fill in the circle. We all grow up taking scantron tests our whole lives, why the hell aren't they used when we become adults?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Those Who Have The Most To Lose

I feel sorry for our country if Sen. Obama wins tomorrow. The next four years are going to suck. But I don't feel sorry for conservatives or Republicans, we deserve what we are getting. After all, we nominated Sen. McCain and produced the two Presidents Bush. Yes they are better than the Democratic alternatives, but that is practically the dictionary definition of damning with faint praise. I haven't been proud of a presidential vote since my vote for President Reagan in 1984 the first time I was eligible.

There is truly something wrong with our national politics when the best man to be president loses because he hates campaigning. That's precisely who I want for president. Thompson will be too old in 2012.

The ones I pity however, are the well intentioned true believers on the left. The ones who truly only want the best for their fellow man and believe that the ideas of the left are the answer. Yes, I consider them well intentioned fools, but fools are people too, and can be hurt. They are about to be hurt even more than those of us on the right. Those of us on the right can see what is coming, the well intentioned fools of the left are standing there in the middle of the road blinking at the oncoming headlights.

They are about to get a House of Representatives dominated by Democrats, with more than a working majority. They are about to get a Senate dominated by the Democrats, probably with a filibuster proof majority. There is a good chance they are about to elect a Democratic president whose record shows only two things: he is willing to play machine politics and go along to get along.

The left is going to have no one to blame. They will control the Legislature, the Executive branch and the Media. They have effective control of the Judicial branch. They dominate public culture. And the next four years are going to be a disaster. They will make Pres. Carter look like a genius.

The economy will tank. No one is going to invest their money so that the Democrats can take it away. The terrorist will return, hopefully outside US territorial limits. Corrupt union politics will make at least a brief comeback. (can you say cardcheck?) Illegal immigration will worsen. (lets go get some of that free money the crazy gringos are throwing around - of course this might have happened with McCain too) Media bias will get worse. Mark my words one of the first things the Democrats will do is bring back the "Fairness" Doctrine. They probably can't take down Fox News, but Rush and Hannity better reserve their satellite time now. Energy prices are going to spike. OPEC is already cutting production, and the left is openly bragging about their intentions to kill the coal industry.

I should do OK. After all, I work for the government, the one industry guaranteed to do well under the Democrats. I have paid off my car, I have no credit card debit, my house payments are affordably and I have some modest savings. Hell even my pension was removed from the state public pension plan so I should do OK there also.

The one thing I fear about is the US Supreme Court. I expect Justice Stevens to retire pretty quickly after Obama wins. My next sentence is scarier than any Hollywood gorefest ever made. The best we can hope for is a Justice Clinton. (either one of them or hell maybe both of them) Obama is clearly going to nominate judicial activists and political ideaologues. He has already told us that he views the Court as a tool for "social justice" and thinks the Warren Court didn't go far enough! We can fix almost anything Obama does pretty easily four years from now, except the damage he does to the Supreme Court. That might take twenty years to fix, and as history has shown, the Court can do a lot of damage in twenty years. That is the issue McCain should have been pounding, and yet it is one that was almost totally ignored.

Only In California

I was at the post office, and a woman in line ahead of me was wearing flip flops, shorts and a hoodie.

What? only your upper body gets cold?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Election

OK...it's coming down to crunch time. I hate the fact that my vote won't count since I vote in California. I still think there is an outside chance at McCain winning, which would be good for the country. (or at least better than Obama winning) I would enjoy it personally also just to see the heads of all the Kossacks and progressives explode like a remake of Scanners.

However there is a real chance that not only will Obama win, but that there will be Democratic domination of both houses of Congress also. I honestly truly fear this. It will make the Carter years look like good times.

Seriously folks, the hardcore left is foaming at the mouth, and Obama is not remotely the centrist that Clinton was. There is an awful amount of damage they can do in four years. I have been saving up to pay off my third mortgage (my second is silent and at 0%, my first is at 4.5% and my third about $4,500 now at a silent 5%) but now I have to keep that money set aside to deal with four years of Obama. Thankfully I have been responsible, paid off my car and have no credit card debt. I should make it through OK. I wonder about some of my friends though.....I sometimes have to loan them money to get them to the end of the month now......

Interesting times folks, interesting times......


I skipped the whole month of October.



When NBC started making a big deal about this being the last season of ER, and it being so full of surprises, I joked with some of my friends that they were going to bring Anthony Edwards back. (his character Dr. Green died six seasons ago) I just saw a commercial for ER that indeed talks about him returning, and a little research showed that this has been known for a couple of months.

Well at least he's only coming back in flashbacks......

Things You Should Know # 1,200,098

After you have been cruising down the freeway at 110 miles an hour or so.....60 MPH seems slooooow.

I'm just saying......