Sunday, October 28, 2007

College Football 11/27/07

Crap. Unbelievably, it looks like USC is now playing for a shot at the Holiday Bowl. To be honest, this loss is easier to bear. It's on the road to a top 5 team. Oregon now have a legit chance at the BCS game if they win out.

In other news, Boston College needed last minute Flutie-like heroics to break the #2 jinx this week and beat Virginia Tech. Tennessee made a dramatic second half comeback over the other USC, South Carolina. The Cinderella season of South Florida has come crashing down with two consecutive conference defeats.

1) Ohio State - won (undefeated)
2) Boston College - won (undefeated)
3) LSU - bye
4) Oklahoma - bye
5) Oregon - won
So for the first time in over a month, no top 5 team lost. Of course two of them had byes this week.
6) West Virginia - won
7) ASU - won (undefeated)
8) Virginia Tech - lost to #2
9) Southern California - lost to #5
9) Florida - lost to #20
So, three losses in the top ten, all three to ranked teams, two to top 5 teams. That's a normal week of college football finally.
11) South Florida - lost to unranked
12) Kansas - won (undefeated)
13) Missouri - won
14) Kentucky - lost to unranked
15) South Carolina - lost to unranked
16) Hawaii - won (undefeated)
17) Texas - won
18) California - lost to #7
19) Michigan - won
20) Georgia - won
21) Virginia - lost to unranked
22) Alabama - bye
23) Auburn - won
24) Penn State - lost to #1
25) Rutgers - lost to #6

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Winds Keep A Blowin'.......

The wind has been blowing pretty hard here the past couple of days. My neighbor came and knocked on my door this afternoon to let me know my tree had fallen on my car. I probably would have never noticed until tonight when I went out to put my trashcans on the curb. My brother and I just spent the last couple of hours cutting it up and moving it off my car.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

College Football 10/20/07

Well a relatively calm week for this year, but

1) Ohio State - won (undefeated)
2) South Florida - lost to unranked
3) Boston College - bye (undefeated)
4) Oklahoma -won
5) LSU - won
So #2 goes down again........
6) South Carolina - lost to unranked
7) Oregon - won
8) Kentucky - lost to #14
9) West Virginia - won
10) California - lost to unranked
So four losses among nine teams that played in the top ten, three to unranked teams.
11) Virginia Tech - bye
12) Arizona State - bye (undefeated)
13) Southern California - won
14) Florida - won
15T) Missouri - won
15T) Kansas - won (undefeated)
17) Hawaii - bye (undefeated)
18) Auburn - lost to #5
19) Texas - won
20) Tennesse - lost to unranked
21) Georgia - bye
22) Texas Tech - lost to #15
23) Cinncinati - lost to unranked
24) Michigan - win
25) Kansas State - lost to unranked
So in a week with five byes in the top twenty-five, there were nine losses, six to unranked teams. And again, this was a calm week.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Football 10/13/07

Wow. It happened again. #17 Kentucky just beat #1 LSU in triple overtime. What a college football season. USF now has a real shot at making the BCS title game this year.

In other news, USC looked mediocre again. They've really been hit hard by injuries. But they are back in the BCS hunt if they can win out.....Cal will probably be ranked #1 now.

Update 7:18 PM: Cal is losing 31-21 to Oregon State with less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter. It looks like both #1 and #2 lose today.

Update 7:21 PM: It's not over yet! Cal just scored on a 64 yard pass play with 2:31 to go; 31-28.

Update 7:40 PM: It's over, Cal loses....what a season!

Update 11:00 PM:
1) LSU - loss to #17
2) Cal - loss to unranked
3) Ohio State - win (undefeated)
4) Boston College - win (undefeated)
5) South Florida - win (undefeated)
Two losses in the top five, one to an unranked team. Of the top ten teams before play began three weeks ago, only Ohio State hasn't lost since.
6) Oklahoma - win
7) South Carolina - win
8) West Virginia - bye
9) Oregon - win
10) USC - win
11) Missouri - loss to #6
12) Virginia Tech - win
13) Florida - Bye
14) ASU - win (undefeated)
15) Cincinnati - loss to unranked
16) Hawaii - win (Undefeated)
17) Kentucky - win
18) Illinois - loss to unranked
19) Wisconsin - loss to unranked
20) Kansas - win (undefeated)
21) Florida State - loss to unranked
22) Auburn - win
23) Texas - win
24) Georgia - win
25) Tennesse - win
That's seven losses in the top twenty-five, (among 23 teams that played) five to unranked teams. There are six undefeated teams in the top twenty-five. South Florida has a legitemate chance to play in the BCS championship game. That said; Ohio State, South Florida, Boston College, Arizona State, Hawaii and Kansas all have games they might lose. It would not be surprising to see two one loss teams in the BCS game this year.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Does God Play Poker?

I'm watching the World Series of Poker fnal table. The chip leader has just called an all in. The girl friend of one player is calling on God and Jesus to help her man, and the chip leader is asking Jesus to help him win.

Excuse me?

When did gambling become a religious activity?

I can remember when playing poker would have been considered sinful. Now they're holding prayer meetings around the table.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad turns 62 today....and he's been semi-retired for a while now, but today he begins collecting Social Security. He quit smoking, got into pretty good shape, and is about to run a 5 K race. Looks like he's got years of retirement ahead of him to enjoy his grandkids. Happy birthday dad, and thanks for providing an interesting childhood for me, and giving me a love of history.
Update 11:30 10/13/07: Dad came in fourth in his age group, running 12 minute miles, which is pretty damn good for your first 5K at age 62.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

College Football 10/6/07

Well another crazy day in college football. First of I have to say that the last touchdown that Stanford scored today should have been called back. The Stanford receiver clearly pushed off. That said, Stanford deserved to win today as much as USC did. Unbelievable performance by their young quarterback. Secondly, LSU's coach showed major league balls in his play calling tonight, and LSU earned their win. I'm really of mixed minds about Notre Dame's win. On one hand, they beat UCLA. On the other hand, it would have been great to see them go 0-12.

Top Twenty Five

1) LSU - win (narrowly) (Undefeated 6-0)
2) USC - loss (unranked team)
3) California - bye (Undefeated 5-0)
4) Ohio state - win (Undefeated 6-0)
5) Wisconsin - loss (unranked team)
So Two losses in the top five, both to unranked teams. This comes after last week with three losses in the top 5, two to unranked teams. In fact, of the top 10 teams before play started last week, only LSU, Cal and Ohio State haven't lost a game.
6) South Florida - win (does South Florida crack the top 5? They've earned it) (Undefeated 5-0)
7) Boston College - win (Undefeated 6-0)
8) Kentucky - loss to #11
9) Florida - loss to #1
10) Oklahoma - win
Four losses in the top ten, two to unranked team, one to #1, one to #11.
11) South Carolina - win
12) Georgia - loss to unranked team
13) West Virginia - won
14) Oregon - bye
15) Virginia Tech -won
16) Hawaii - currently winning (Undefeated 5-0)
17) Missouri - won (Undefeated 5-0)
18) Arizona State - won (Undefeated 6-0)
19) Texas - lost to #10
20) Cincinnati - won (Undefeated 6-0)
21) Rutgers - lost to #20
22) Clemson - lost to #15
23) Purdue - lost to #4
24) Kansas State - lost to unranked team
25) Nebraska - lost to #17
So eleven losses of the 23 teams in the top 25 playing this week. That's after 9 losses among 24 playing last week. At least most of the losses this week were to other ranked teams.

Thursday, October 04, 2007