Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Football 10/13/07

Wow. It happened again. #17 Kentucky just beat #1 LSU in triple overtime. What a college football season. USF now has a real shot at making the BCS title game this year.

In other news, USC looked mediocre again. They've really been hit hard by injuries. But they are back in the BCS hunt if they can win out.....Cal will probably be ranked #1 now.

Update 7:18 PM: Cal is losing 31-21 to Oregon State with less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter. It looks like both #1 and #2 lose today.

Update 7:21 PM: It's not over yet! Cal just scored on a 64 yard pass play with 2:31 to go; 31-28.

Update 7:40 PM: It's over, Cal loses....what a season!

Update 11:00 PM:
1) LSU - loss to #17
2) Cal - loss to unranked
3) Ohio State - win (undefeated)
4) Boston College - win (undefeated)
5) South Florida - win (undefeated)
Two losses in the top five, one to an unranked team. Of the top ten teams before play began three weeks ago, only Ohio State hasn't lost since.
6) Oklahoma - win
7) South Carolina - win
8) West Virginia - bye
9) Oregon - win
10) USC - win
11) Missouri - loss to #6
12) Virginia Tech - win
13) Florida - Bye
14) ASU - win (undefeated)
15) Cincinnati - loss to unranked
16) Hawaii - win (Undefeated)
17) Kentucky - win
18) Illinois - loss to unranked
19) Wisconsin - loss to unranked
20) Kansas - win (undefeated)
21) Florida State - loss to unranked
22) Auburn - win
23) Texas - win
24) Georgia - win
25) Tennesse - win
That's seven losses in the top twenty-five, (among 23 teams that played) five to unranked teams. There are six undefeated teams in the top twenty-five. South Florida has a legitemate chance to play in the BCS championship game. That said; Ohio State, South Florida, Boston College, Arizona State, Hawaii and Kansas all have games they might lose. It would not be surprising to see two one loss teams in the BCS game this year.

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