Monday, May 30, 2005

French reject European Constitution

(Man this hurts..............)

The French actually did the right thing this week. (it burns, it burns....) Take that Chirac!

When the French people can see through the BS and reject the draft Constitution, you know it has to be bad.

I just can't see Great Britian, France and Germany cooperating in the same political entity for very long. Hell, I still have trouble believing that France and Britian cooperated long enough to build the Chunnel.

Indy 500

This was actually a good race this year. Sometimes it's a little boring, but not this one.

Danica has to be bummed. She made three mistakes the whole weekend as a rookie, and all three counted. The first one was on qualification day. On the first turn of the first lap of qualification, she made a small tweak that most of us would have missed, and it cost her the pole. Still fourth as a rookie is impressive. The second was during the first pit stop in the race when she stalled the car. That hurt, but she recovered very well and moved back up through the field. Veteran drivers stall the car all the time. The third was a rookie mistake all the way when she spun the car on a restart. However she got really lucky on two counts, and not only was able to stay in the race, but came out of it with a chance to win because of being on a different pit rotation than the rest of the field. Hell, 4 or 5 more laps of yellow and she probably wins the race. Still fourth again for a rookie is nothing to sneeze at. She has proved that she belongs. I predict that she wins a race before the end of the season.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Thanks to all the Veterans

I would like to take a moment to pause, reflect and thank all the veterans for all the sacrifices they and their families have made for our country. I appreciate them 365 days a year, but this weekend has been set aside for them, and they deserve it. I am a military brat, and my father served in Vietnam. I know the sacrifices both my parents made and I am proud of them.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Incredibles

I saw the movie for the first time today. In a word it was incredible.

I can't believe what they are doing with animation today. Combine that with a well written movie and incredible voice acting?

It deserved a grammy for best picture.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


OOOOOH...they are going to catch hell for that one. They killed a poor defencless bunny rabbit on TV. I can hear the PETA idiots screaming already........

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Oops again

Wow..missed another month.

Let's see. Work is going OK, but is tedious. City of Heroes is still addictive. I plan on running for school board next year. That's about it.

Oh..Happy Mother's Day everyone.