Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Have a good time, but remember not to drink and drive. 2006 already.

Predictions 2006

Here are some predictions for 2006:

1) Oscar for best movie - Walk the Line

2) Congress - Republicans will hold on to control of both houses, but will lose seats.

3) U.S. Supreme Court - Alito will be confirmed, no attempt to filibuster. Another Justice will leave by the end of the year.

4) Rose Bowl - USC will beat Texas by at least 13 points.

5) SuperBowl - Denver VS Seattle, Seattle wins

6) Sen Clinton is re-elected with better than 60% of the vote

7) When the election is finally held, Mayor Nagin loses in New Orleans

8) The U.S. economy will continue to thrive, and the mainstream media will continue to ignore it.

9) Both France and Germany will enter a recession.

10) The U.N. will continue to ignore the Oil for Food Scandal, Bolton will continue to make the UN institute incremental reforms.

11) Israel will bomb Iran. The UN will condemn them and Israel won't give a shit.

12) There will be more rumors of a coup in North Korea, but they will be false.

more to come......

Friday, December 30, 2005

Day By Day

I just added the daily cartoon Day By Day to the bottom of my blog. (I can't fit it at the top without screwing up my sidebar) If I did it right, it will update automatically with the new strip each day.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

10 Worst Americans

There is a current blog challenge to name the 10 worst Americans of all time. OK, here are mine, in no particular order.

1) George Soros - I believe his influence on American politics has been disastrous. When you combine this with his international market manipulations, there can be no doubt that this is a truly evil and selfish human.

2) Joseph Kennedy - Made his money as a drug smuggler (rum from Canada during prohibition) and then multiplied it by taking advantage of people going bankrupt during the Great Depression. He was a facist, and he foisted the whole Kennedy clan on us.

3) John Walker - Cold War spy. Caused huge amounts of damage to the US because of greed.

4) Jane Fonda - Hanoi Jane. A Traitor who aided our enemies, and a wacky leftist on top.

5) Benedict Arnold - Sold his country out because of ambition and pique.

6) Jimmy Carter - A complete failure as a president. Allowed the birth of the modern Islamic terrorist movement. Appeased the Soviets. I had some admiration of his efforts with Habitat for Humanity, but his incompetent meddling in international affairs since then overshadows what good he has done.

7) Michael Moore - An example of the worst of the modern media. His propaganda ranks up there with the worst of the NAZIs and the Communists. Hates the America that gave him the lifestyle he induges in. Reinforces the worst prejudices of European elites about the US.

8) Roger Taney- First cabinet officer to be rejected by the Senate. As fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court authored the second worse decision ever handed down by the Court, the Dredd Scott case. (worst was Roe V Wade)

9) Margaret Sanger - founder of what became Planned Parenthood. Believed strongly in eugenics and was a racist. (She would be very pleased by the millions of minority children aborted in the last 30 odd years) Member of the Socialist party.

10) Jesse Jackson - race whore extraordinaire.

Michael Crichton's views on lefty Chicken Littles

Check out this speech by Michael Crichton. Now I am about 50/50 on his books, but I can really get behind this speech. Make sure all your lefty and eco wacko friends read it.

Gun Control

On Fox News right now, there is a Canadian politician blaming gun violence in Canada on the lack of gun control in the United States. That's a load of crap, but from the Canadian point of view it makes sense.

First you have to realize that Canada is a captive of the Old Europe philosphy of controling the people. For centuries the elites in Europe have maintained power by controlling the people. There is a reason why it was illegal for peasants to own weapons. This was to prevent them from rebelling against their lords. At the time of our revolution, it was still illegal for most Europeans to own weapons. Our Founding Fathers recognized two things. 1) Our ability to rebel from the British Crown was largely based on the fact that a large percentage of the colonists were armed and familar with guns. 2) An armed population would be able to resist a despotic government. (especially when you take into account the fact that they expected there to be no standing national army.) They wanted a population that would be unable to be controlled by an elite ruling class. Because of this they purposely guareented the right to own a weapon in the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, if you examine their expectation of no standing army, and a dependence on a citizen militia for national defence, they intended this Right to include military grade weapons.

Secondly, you have to realize that the left views people as basically good unless corrupted. Thus someone who uses a gun to commit a crime is less to blame for the crime than the gun that allowed them to do so. This may seem nonsensical (and it is) but it is truly how most of them think. The right understands that there is evil in the world, and people intent on harm. We realize that if the gun was unavailable, than a different weapon (say a knife, bat, broken bottle or fist) would have been used instead.

Lastly I will simply point out that areas that have liberal gun laws (and isn't that a strange phrase politically? as opposed to Liberal Gun laws) , especially those with concealed carry permits, have less gun violence than areas with strict gun laws. This is a documented proven fact. For instance, the old West (as opposed to the misnamed Wild West) was not all that violent a place. We have been conditioned by the media (of the time as well as modern times) to believe that there were shoot outs and gun battles all the time. This isn't true. The truth is the violence was confined to a fairly small, self-selected group. People were more polite and considerate then, perhaps largely because rudeness could result in a duel or gun fight.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Millionaire Entertainers

For most of modern history, parents would do anything to prevent their child from becoming an entertainer. It was a very low status and low paid job. Then thanks to technology came mass media, and for the last sixty years, entertainers have become millionaires, and obtained high status.

Now technology is threatening to return entertainers to their previous status. Digital copying and digital downloads circumvent the system. Cable, satellite and the internet provide cheap access to content producers and huge choice for content consumers. Big business knows this too, which is why they are so adamant about internet violations and copyright laws. But there is no law, and no reason that entertainers have to be millionaires. I will shed no tears if actors started getting tens of thousands of dollars intead of millions for their movies, and the same for singers and their albums.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Visas? We doan Need No Stinkin' Visas!! Pt 8

President Fox of Mexico has been blasting the House plan ( I misspoke earlier, the Senate has not passed it yet) to build 700 miles of fence along the border this week. As far as I am concerned, that is the best argument in favor of the fence. Unfortunately neither of my Senators are likely to vote in favor of it. But if you are reading this and live in a State with Senators who care about illegal immigration, write them and call them to tell them to support this measure. And while you are at it, tell them you are opposed to any guest worker program also.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

New Program for Kids

Has anyone checked the tempature in Hell lately? It must be getting chilly down there, because the city of Washington D.C. has just done something that I endorse 100%.

They have just started a program that pays poor Grandparents raising their grandkids the same amount of government aid that a foster parent would receive for raising the child. This keeps the child out of the clutches of the government, and with their family where they belong.

Fantastic Four

OK I just saw the Fantastic Four. Pretty good movie. The acting and special effects were worlds better than the aborted 1990's version. (it was never released, it was possible to get a hold of bootlegged versions though) Reed was not how I envisioned him. The actor was too short and too young. I'd kinda pictured Reed Richards as maybe Robert Reed from the Brady Bunch. (he was still worlds better than the 90's version..that guy reminded me of Dana Carvey) The rest of the FF were OK (mmm...Jessica Alba.....), but Dr. Doom just didn't work for me. I'm not sure offhand who could have done it better though. I happened to see Daredevil a week ago on TV also. Not bad, I actually think Affleck made a good DD and Garner was pretty good as Electra. (haven't seen her movie yet though) All in all, I think Marvel's heroes have transeferred over to the big screen better than DC's. ( I absolutely hated the Superman movies) I'm still waithing for my Preacher movie........

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I just saw the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I know the movie got crappy reviews, but I liked it. I'm not a real big fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but I thought they worked well together as a team. Some actors just work well together like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, or Hepburn and Tracy. I liked the Vince Vaughn character too. I was disappointed that there was never a True Lies 2, and I'd like to see a sequel to this one.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Rush's Greatest Hits CD (no, not Limbaugh!)

I tend to buy a lot of Greatest Hits and compilation CDs to listen to in my car. Someday I'll get the energy to burn my own CDs instead. Today I bought Rush's The Spirit of Radio. I have to say, it's one of the best Greatest Hits CDs I've ever seen. It's got almost all of their big hits, and even the filler songs are among their better ones. Best $10 I've spent in a while.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

LA Dodgers 2006

Let's see, a new GM, a new manager, Furcal, Lofton and Garciaparra. Well at least someone noticed how crappy things were last year. I still don't trust the ownership, but at least he's doing something. He just better not screw around with Chavez Ravine.

Visas? We Doan Need No Stinkin' Visas!! pt 7

Congress finally seems to be paying attention to our porous border, and actually voted to fund the construction of more barriers between the US and Mexico. So how does Mexico react? They try to compare it to the Berlin Wall!!! First of all they can shut the hell up. It's none of their business, and if they were maintaining the border and not openly encouraging their citizens to cross illegally, this wouldn't be necessary. Fox and the Mexican government actually seem to believe that they have a right to send their poor flooding across our borders. Secondly, the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in, not out. For the analogy to work, Mexico would have to be building the wall. Then to compound the outrage, Mexican officials pledge to interfer in our internal politics to try and defeat the wall. I repeat my call....we need to immediately change our immigration laws and resident alien policies to mirror those of Mexico and tax the hell out of money transfers to Mexico.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Maj. Tammy Duckworth

Christmas has come early for the Democrats. I just saw retired Maj. Tammy Duckworth on This Week on ABC. I am predicting we are all going to be seeing and hearing much more from her. She was a Reserve copter pilot in Iraq and lost both of her legs. She is now planning on running for Congress as a Democrat. She is very well spoken and a critic of the Iraq War. Her message is reasonable, logical and potentially palatable to the American people. She will be more effective for the Democrats than either Murtha or Sheehan.

Davey and Goliath

Remember the old Davey and Goliath shows? As I was flipping through the channels I landed on the Hallmark channel, and they had a new Davey and Goliath. OK, not that big a deal, but they were snowboarding! Apparently the people making the new version are much more hip than the guys who made the older version.

By the way, the commercial was for a Captain and Tennille CD collection.

Time Man of the Year

Time has named the trio of Bono, and Bill and Melinda Gates as the Man of the Year. Well that's better than I expected. I expected Murtha or Zarqawi.

The trio are getting the award for their charitable efforts in Africa.

I personally believe it should have been the American fighting man, or the average Iraqi voter.

Friday, December 16, 2005

It may be another ten years.......

It's been two days, so I can finally bring myself to write about this.

I was recently nagged by friends, family and colleagues into making an appointment to see a doctor. It's been at least ten years since I last saw one. So I made an appointment to get a physical in a January. In the mean time, I developed a case of celluitis (fancy word for skin infection) and thus made an appointment to get it looked at. "Well", the Doc said, "since you are here, we'll just do the physical now."

(What???!!! I haven't had time to build myself up mentally and emotionally for this.)

So the Doc throws me one of those hospital robes that doesn't even come close to covering me and says, "strip down to your skivvies!" He leaves and gives me privacy while I strip down (which makes no sense given what's coming up). He comes back a few minutes later, takes an oral history, listens to my heart and lungs etc, and then orders, "stand up and drop your skivvies!" (What no dinner first?)

He then precedes to give me a hernia test and "examine" (read feel up) my testicles. OK, I've had that done before for sports, but how many 40 year old teachers get hernias? Now I hear the dreaded command: "Turn around, bend over and put your elbows on the bed!"

Damn. I can't believe it has come to this.

He then proceeds to insert his finger in my rectum while telling me to relax. RELAX? What the hell was he talking about? Thankfully it was over quickly and he informed me that my prostrate was in great shape. (yeah, but how about my dignity Doc?)

All in all, it was the most action I've had in years, but he hasn't called me since.

I feel so used.


We just had a noticable earthquake. It didn't feel like much here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mayor of New Orleans pt 5

I have just read that the governor of Louisiana has postponed the election of a new Mayor in New Orleans indefinitely. The excuse is that there are no polling machines left. This is bullshit. They could borrow voting machines from other places. The real reason is that most of the sheep like Democratic voters are gone. The poor, welfare dependent blacks that the Democrats depend on are dispersed around the country, and the racial demographics have changed so that New Orleans is now majority white. Which means Nagin would be out on his ass, and Blanco is preserving his job until he can move a bunch of guareenteed Democratic votes back into the city. This is outrageous, and if I lived in New Orleans I would definitely be fileing a lawsuit.

Time to Halt the Gravy Train pt 3

A Judge has just ruled that the Katrina evacuees get to stay in hotels paid by FEMA until Feb. 7! That's over FIVE MONTHS! The number of rooms is down to only 41,ooo. OH boy, I guess that's progress. Let me give you a hint, these free loaders aren't going to get out until we make them, and then they are going to scream racism as we do it. And I want to know now just how long they are going to get rental assistance once they finally do find a place to live. If my house burns down tomorrow FEMA isdn't going to put me up in a hotel for five months and then pay my rent.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams Pt 3

As I type this, Tookie is currently being executed. I take no joy in that fact. But I do feel satisfaction. This is just. My only regret is that it took 20 years.

My Mom was on a jury that sentenced somebody to death on Friday. She is 59 years old. I find it perverse that the scum so sentenced has a significant chance of outliving her. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Producers

I just saw a clip of the re-make of The Producers on Inside the Actor's Studio. While I really like Matthew Brodrick and Nathan Lane, they are nowhere as near as good as Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel were in the original. I just saw "the blanky" scene, and it just seemed awkward to me. I will go and see the movie because I missed the play, and the original movie is one of my favorites.

Tookie Williams Pt 2

It's almost 7:00 P.M. on Sunday Dec. 12 and the governor still has not made an announcement about Tookie Williams. I am becoming increasingly concerned that the Governor is going to grant a last minute clemency. If he does, he abandons his Republican base, and might as well run as a Democrat, as he seems to want to do.

Edit: 6:00 PM 12/12/05 The Governor did the right thing and denied clemency at noon today.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Heisman Trophy

Reggie Bush wins the Heisman in a landslide! That's two in a row, three in four years and seven total.

Now if we can just convince Reggie or LenDale to stay another year.........

Richard Pryor Dead

Richard Pryor died today at the age of 65. He was a hell of a comic. He was a very blue comic, but spoke truth. He built on the legacy of Redd Foxx and Bill Cosby and lead the way for Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. I just found out that he helped to write my favorite movie Blazing Saddles, and was originally suppossed to play Sheriff Bart, but Mel Brooks couldn't get the movie made with him in it. He had a tough life, was controversial, and made many personal mistakes. May he rest in peace.

Tookie Williams

Tookie Williams is a sociopath who should have been executed twenty years ago. You don't kill sociopaths for punishment (although I believe in the death penalty as punishment), or as deterrence (although if the death penalty was carried out more often it would serve as a deterrence), but as a public safety measure. You kill sociopaths for the same reason you kill mad dogs, because they are a threat to the public welfare. If williams were granted clemency, he would go into the general prison population where he would be able to kill again. We should execute Williams for the same reason we want to kill Osama Bin Laden, because he is dangerous.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Continuing Case Against CNN

It was just asserted as fact on CNN that the administration outed Valerie Plame to punish and intimidate her husband Joe Wilson. This is such bull crap. 1) It has not been established that the administration leaked Plame's identity, either purposefully or accidentally. 2) There is significant evidence that Wilson in fact leaked her identity. 3) Her husband is a proven liar and vocal opponent of the administation as is (sadly) much of the CIA.

Neither Wilson nor Plame or heroes by any stretch of the imagination, but the MSM and the left insists on gloriying them.

Keep it up CNN, soon Ted Turner, Hanoi Jane and Babs Streisand will be the only ones watching you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dead Pool 2006

Well I've made my Deadpool picks for 2006. I sucked hard in 2005. I only scored the Pope and Eddie Albert. I'll post my 2006 picks inJjanuary when you guys can't copy them.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mayor of New Orleans pt 4

I'm flipping through channels, and I see Mayor Nagin on channel 7 talking to George Stephanopolis. And it's the same old story....hand out demanding money, blaming everyone else but himself for what happened. Why is this man still taken seriously? Why is anyone still listening to him? He's taking a couple of cheap shots at Republicans. He's blaming the President and Congress, but nothing about his failures and the failures of Gov. Blanco. If this man had a shred of decency or honor, he would have rersigned and slunk off into obscurity long ago.

Terri Garr

I just saw on TV this morning that Terri Garr has Multiple Sclerosis. I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but it is the first I have heard about it. It saddens me, because I have always loved Terri for her attitude and personality. She was always bright and full of energy. She seems to be dealing with this well however. MS has not only crippled her, it has robbed us of a great one.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

College Football pt 2

1) Texas is extremely over rated. Their competition has been very weak this year. Also, Texas keeps their starters in all game, USC pulls it's starters miud way through the third quarter half the time. I think USC is going to steam roller Texas in the Rose Bowl.

2) When Reggie Bush wins the Heisman, it will mean that USC's 2002 team had three Heisman winners on it's roster....Palmer, Leinart and Bush. I'm pretty sure that is the first time that has happened. Edit: I am wrong. Reggie was still in high school when Palmer won it. But if White does the smart thing and comes back next year......

3) USC had a 3,000 yd passer, 2 1,000 yd rushers, a 1,0000 yd receiver and a 900 yd receiver with a good chance to become a 1,000 yd receiver. Again I believe this is unprecedented.