Wednesday, December 28, 2005

10 Worst Americans

There is a current blog challenge to name the 10 worst Americans of all time. OK, here are mine, in no particular order.

1) George Soros - I believe his influence on American politics has been disastrous. When you combine this with his international market manipulations, there can be no doubt that this is a truly evil and selfish human.

2) Joseph Kennedy - Made his money as a drug smuggler (rum from Canada during prohibition) and then multiplied it by taking advantage of people going bankrupt during the Great Depression. He was a facist, and he foisted the whole Kennedy clan on us.

3) John Walker - Cold War spy. Caused huge amounts of damage to the US because of greed.

4) Jane Fonda - Hanoi Jane. A Traitor who aided our enemies, and a wacky leftist on top.

5) Benedict Arnold - Sold his country out because of ambition and pique.

6) Jimmy Carter - A complete failure as a president. Allowed the birth of the modern Islamic terrorist movement. Appeased the Soviets. I had some admiration of his efforts with Habitat for Humanity, but his incompetent meddling in international affairs since then overshadows what good he has done.

7) Michael Moore - An example of the worst of the modern media. His propaganda ranks up there with the worst of the NAZIs and the Communists. Hates the America that gave him the lifestyle he induges in. Reinforces the worst prejudices of European elites about the US.

8) Roger Taney- First cabinet officer to be rejected by the Senate. As fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court authored the second worse decision ever handed down by the Court, the Dredd Scott case. (worst was Roe V Wade)

9) Margaret Sanger - founder of what became Planned Parenthood. Believed strongly in eugenics and was a racist. (She would be very pleased by the millions of minority children aborted in the last 30 odd years) Member of the Socialist party.

10) Jesse Jackson - race whore extraordinaire.


Alexandra said...

Goodness Gahrie, was this one of those, find me in the Blogosphere games? LOL!
Finally found you, next time don't forget the all important link!

All Things Beautiful TrackBack A Challenge To The Blogosphere:'The Ten Worst Americans' List

"As a post Christmas/Hannukah Challenge, I invited the Blogosphere to name 'The Ten Worst Americans'...Gahrie's list is here."

Anonymous said...

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