Saturday, December 31, 2005

Predictions 2006

Here are some predictions for 2006:

1) Oscar for best movie - Walk the Line

2) Congress - Republicans will hold on to control of both houses, but will lose seats.

3) U.S. Supreme Court - Alito will be confirmed, no attempt to filibuster. Another Justice will leave by the end of the year.

4) Rose Bowl - USC will beat Texas by at least 13 points.

5) SuperBowl - Denver VS Seattle, Seattle wins

6) Sen Clinton is re-elected with better than 60% of the vote

7) When the election is finally held, Mayor Nagin loses in New Orleans

8) The U.S. economy will continue to thrive, and the mainstream media will continue to ignore it.

9) Both France and Germany will enter a recession.

10) The U.N. will continue to ignore the Oil for Food Scandal, Bolton will continue to make the UN institute incremental reforms.

11) Israel will bomb Iran. The UN will condemn them and Israel won't give a shit.

12) There will be more rumors of a coup in North Korea, but they will be false.

more to come......

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