Saturday, January 04, 2014

Stargate SG-1; Season 1; Episode 1 "Children of the Gods: Part 1"

Ok...just decided to watch these to kill some time since I get them free on Amazon Prime. I'm going to do a little write up on each episode as I watch them. I have seen the movie, (a while ago, and I wasn't paying particular attention) so I know the general plot. OK..episode 1.

First of all, this originally aired in July of 1997, and it shows. Much of the production values would be completely unacceptable today, and even the cuts are distracting. That said, the special effect for the gate is very effective. The wormhole effect is disturbing, and I predict that special effect will be lost very early in the series. (as does the "chill" effect apparently...I don't remember it in later episodes.) There are some glaring uniform problems in this episode, including uniforms with both officer and enlisted rank insignia on them. Hopefully this will get better quickly. Lots of explicit violence and blood....I don't remember any outcry at the time. The second wormhole effect was much shorter. This planet is apparently a Rome cognate.

OK...not bad. The major characters get introduced, broad plot line established.