Monday, October 24, 2005

The BCS Sucks!

Coaches Poll
USC #1
Texas #2

Harris Poll
USC #1

Computer Ranking
Texas #1

BCS Ranking
Texas #1
USC #2

So USC is ahead in two out of three rankings, including the two based on humans, yet they are still ranked second in the BCS. That is just plain wrong, and is further evidence that the BCS is still junk, despite trying to fix it the last five years. Football is about more than numbers, and the BCS should be scrapped after this season. USC clearly should have been in the championship game two years ago, but the BCS screwed them. The human system, the AP championship recognized this and gave USC their championship, thus splitting the championship with LSU in 2003. (which is exactly one of the things the BCS was supposed to prevent) If numbers were all that mattered, we wouldn't need to play the games. The only saving grace at this point is that the #3 team is so far behind that unless Texas or USC loses they should both play in the championship game anyway.


Nathrax said...

The computer still shows the anti-West coast bias which has plagued College Football for years.

OTOH, anyone else want to turn Iran to glass?

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the Pac-10 is the new Big East. There is no "West Coast Bias." Texas is WAY better than USC. Sure, USC has a long win streak, but they have played how many close games? And yet, these games were aganist average teams. USC is overrated anong with the talent of the Pac.

Anonymous said...

ND has beat 3 "eligible teams" Michigan who lost 4 times, Navy - do they still play football, and BYU didn't they shut the program down when Detmer left? Yet the voters still think they are better than Auburn, Ohio State, and others. Just because you play SC close doesn't mean you are good - look at great, Oregon lead by 13 at one time, ASU by 18 and Fresno had a chance to win also! Get over it - WE NEED A PLAYOFF, WHAT DIV I ISN"T AS SMART AS D II/III!!!