Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nov. 8, 2005 Election

Well here's my voting guide:

San Bernardino City Mayor- I know Chas very well, in fact I've worked with him a couple of times , once he was my boss, once I was his. Eventually He might make a great mayor, but not yet. My vote goes to Jim Penman.

Prop 73- Parental notification for a minor's abortion -yes. If a minor can't get a tattoo without permission, then why the hell should they be able to get an abortion?

Prop 74 - Teacher probationary period extended to five years-no. But not because it extends the time needed for tenure. It also removes protections from teachers who already have tenure.

Prop 75 - Paycheck Protection-yes. There is nothing wrong with forcing the unions to get permission to give our money to politicians.

Prop 76- State Spending and School Funding-no. It gives too much power to the governor.

Prop 77- Redistricting-yes. The gerrymandering in Calif. is out of control. Out of 153 elections last year, the incumbent party won 153.

Prop 78 & Prop 79- no on both. The price of drugs is none of the State's business.

Prop 80-no. I will never support the State restricting the rights of customers.

Measure S- No. Libraries are good things, but San Bernardino already collects enough taxes. They just need to spend them better.

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