Thursday, October 27, 2005

Here Comes Da Judge Pt 6

Harriet Miers has just withdrawn her nomination to the Supreme Court! Finally.

But now wait for the Democratic Underground moonbats to start saying this was the plan all along to distract attention from the CIA leak special prosecutor.

Now we await a qualified nominee. Probably another woman.


Nathrax said...

No, it was a smokescreen to deflect the fact that Mobil had an almost $10 billion dollar profit for a quarter of the year.

A record profit for an Americancompany coming from the American consumer grabbing their ankles and taking it up the ass. No one can convince me that there was price gouging and a monopolistic cartel in evidence concerning American oil prices.

Of course, there will not be an investigation this administration, but at least Miers won't be on the court to cover the oil companies [ie. Bush's friends] asses.

Will somebody please please kill a few oil company CEOs. I rpomise if I am on your jury to find you not guilty.

Kirbside said...

Yea, what a sin, making a profit.... dont like it, dont use a lot of gas.....