Sunday, October 23, 2005

West Wing Pt 2

Well that went about the way I expected. Toby (Schiff) came forward when it was apparent the investigation was screwing everybody. By the way Garafalo's presence isn't as jarring/offensive as I feared it would be.


Nathrax said...

And she has dropped a dramatic amount of weight.

I think its a foregone conclusion that Smits wins, but this is probably its last year anyway.

Its still better than Clammander-in-Chief or e-ring, but all shows run thier course.

Gahrie said...

I'm betting they try to keep the show going....

I predicted Smits would win about a year ago. They were featuring him in the promos real early on.

Nathrax said...

Maybe, but a friend who works at NBC says the show is on the chopping block, so we will see.

Anyone else want to turn Iran to glass?