Saturday, October 01, 2005

Visas? We Doan Need No Stinkin' Visas! pt 5

Why is the Bush administration protecting illegal aliens who are convicted felons? This is getting more than absurd! Check out this article! There is a law that says that illegal aliens who are released from prison for serious crimes must be deported. (and why aren't all identified illegal aliens automatically deported?) A newspaper discovered that in Georgia this wasn't happening. So they asked the government for the names of these illegal alien felons to do some research on how bad the problem is. The first outrage is that the Bush administration refused to release the names. The second outrage is that a federal judge ( a Republican appointee at that) has refused to force the administration to do so, claiming that the illegal alien felons' right to privacy would be violated! 1) Most U.S. citizen felons have no right to privacy about their criminal record! This information is released all the time, on sexual offender lists, for back ground checks etc. 2) By definition, illegal aliens are not U.S. citizens and have no claim to Constitutional rights! If illegal aliens have the same rights as citizens, then what exactly does it mean to be a citizen? The government and our leaders better wake up and deal with the growing problem of illegal immigration soon, or you are going to see a huge backlash, both against the government and the illegal aliens. The longer the government waits, and the worse the problem gets, the uglier the back lash is going to get. I'm talking vigilante gangs rounding up and beating/deporting illegals ugly.

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