Monday, October 31, 2005

Here Comes Da Judge Pt. 7

So it's Alito. I don't know much aboput him yet, but Sen. Kennedy and the leftwingers seem to hate him, so he can't be too bad. His nickname is Scalito (little Scalia) which also bodes well. Looks like we might get the fight we've all been waiting for.


Kirbside said...

I disagree about the fight we wanted. I say we already won that fight... Last election... Now we need to do what it takes to confirm him.... using consitutioonal nukes if needed.

Nathrax said...

Typical...change the rules when in power. One day the Republicans will not be in power, and then you will probably whine that the rules are not fair.

Yeah, the new guy is a little less facist than Mussolini...ahhh Scalia but at least its not that slut of the corporate god Mosley Brown.

Just on a side note, that will make 5 catholics on the court. nice to see that the pope will be interpreting our consitutional social laws. Guess it will make the pedophiles happy though....