Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crazy for Karazhan

I got lucky tonight when some people who signed up for Karazhan didn't show. (I was on the standby list because I got to go last week.)

Everyone in the group was pretty experienced, but a lot were on alts, so they were taking on roles they don't normally do. We took out Attumen the Huntsman first. It was pretty cake, until this idiot warrior (me) pulled a group of elites near the blacksmith after the boss fight. We wiped because I had a total brainfart. Everyone was pretty cool about it though.

Then we headed upstairs to take out Moroes. Again this went well, if not actually textbook. We pulled adds on a couple of occassions but picked them up pretty easily.

Next we moved on to the Opera Event. It was Oz this time, a first for me. I got to kite Tinhead around, then help kill The Crone. The cool thing about that fight was when the Crone cast cyclone on me and I got bounced around up in the air for about 20 seconds.

After this fight we ran back out, and went around to the back to take on The Curator. We ended up pulling the boss early, but recovered nicely and got him down first try.

All in all a great group. The only wipe was due to my stupidity.
Amaraa - a Night Elf Druid (Main Tank)
Arienna - a Night Elf Hunter
Awlbiste - a Night Elf Druid
Fyra - a Night Elf Druid
Gahrie (me) - a Human Warrior (Off Tank)
Mangler - a Dwarf Hunter
Moonsfire - a Draenei Shaman
Mystii - a Draenei Mage
Skudd - a Gnome Rogue
Ydnareno - a Night Elf Priest
Lager - a Gnome Warlock was switched in for the Attumen fight, I believe in hopes of getting a drop.

Here's hoping the second half goes as well tomorrow night.

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