Monday, August 18, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

OK, I flip on the TV and this show is on. Now I sometimes watch this show simply because Alyson Hannigan is on it. She's hot. Now apparently one of the current storylines is that she's constantly horny, but not getting any. OMG. This should be illegal. I'd go with her to bandcamp anytime. By the way, I love her as a brunette. Of course I loved her as a redhead also.


Stephen R said...

I've never understood the obsession with her. (And you're not the only one...)

The funny part to me is that she started out as the mousy/unattractive one on Buffy -- opposite Sarah M-G and Charisma Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Well, imo, she was never really unattractive...Mousy, maybe, but in that hot nerd kind of way.