Saturday, August 30, 2008

Short Answer? - Yes!

OK..The Leftwing wackos and Kossacks have already been frothing at the mouth. It's very amusing to see them questioning the experience of a candidate for national office. Not only did the Democratic Party lose its sense of humor, they have lost their ability to sense hypocrisy.

But Gov. palin has been attacked form the right also. David Frum is typical: "If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?"

In a word, yes. I am tired of politics dominated by a professional political class. I want people who have actually done things, run businesses, met a payroll, paid taxes and yes served on the PTA. I want real people involved. Let's look at what she has done:

1) Cut spending, both as mayor and governor.
2) Cut taxes, both as mayor and governor.
3) Made real reforms, and attacked corruption, both as mayor and governor.
4) Been willing to defy and oppose the party machine.
5) Defeated the immediately prior Republican and Democratic governor in her election to governor.

On my high school list someone came on and praised Sen. Obama. I asked them: What has Obama accomplished besides managing to get electedto the Illinois Senate, U.S. Senate and then nominated for president. The only answer they came up with is that he got into Harvard as a Black man from a single parent family. WtH? First of all, he is as much White as Black. More really, he was raised primarily by his White grandparents (not a single mother) in Hawaii where race is much less of a concern than most places. Second, as stated, he was not raised by a single mother. His mother remarried quite quickly, and for most of his life he was actually raised by his grandparents. Lastly, surely he will proudly admit that he got into Harvard through Affirmative Action (AA), given his views on AA and his statements about Justice Thomas? So how tough was that? What did he do at Harvard?

He has not stayed in a job longer than four years, has no legislative record to speak of (and what he does have is known to have been drafted by his Chicago mentor and given to him), was given the nickname "Mr. Present" for his perfiormance in the Illinois Senate, has been constantly running for office since entering politics and submerged himself with the Chicago and National Democratic Political machines.

The only thing he has done is read speeches off a teleprompter well.

I'll put Gov. Palin's experience against Sen. Obama's anytime, anywhere.

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