Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please Allow Myself To Introduce....Myself

For anyone who happens to play WoW that may come by, my main account is on the Realm Draenor, and my main toon is a level 70 human protection warrior named Gahrie. I'm currently leveling a nightelf hunter named Shoan, and a human warlock named Kirbdawg.

My guild, Mythos, is pretty cool...I've gone from being a complete noob to someone who can at least act like he knows what he is doing. My main role is to punch the big guy in the nose, and then stand there and get hit while everyone else kills him. It's called tanking, and I'm referred to as a tank. (or more accurately at the moment as the offtank or second tank in bigger raids) I have leveled out blacksmithing, mining, first aid, fishing and cooking (yes I said fishing and cooking for you non-WoWers) I'm hoping when WotLK (next expansion) comes out the levels will go up.

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