Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Eventful Night In Azeroth

Well we were scheduled to do Gruul's again tonight, but because of the holiday weekend we couldn't get enough toons to try it. So while I was grinding out some dailies, I was asked to tank a run through normal Shadow Labyrinth. I said sure, I'm always up for instances.

The group was me and four other members of my guild. Turned out they were starting a Karazhan key frag run, that I just happened to need also. We jammed through normal Shadow Labyrinth pretty quick and easy. I finally figured out how to tank the bosses for this instance. (my guild is really patient with me, and I've learned so much in the past two or three weeks) Then we moved on to the Steam Vaults, but didn't kill any of the bosses, just got the key frag. Next up was the Arcatraz, a floating prison in the Netherstorm. This was my first time here. Again we just did the minimum to get the key frag, but we did it twice this time because one of the guys had two toons that needed it. By now it was getting late eastern time, but we moved on to the Caverns of Time. First we did the Durnholde instance. I really don't know why, unless you have to complete it first before you can do the Black Morass instance. We had some awful lag spikes right near the end of Durnholde, and we came close to failing. Finally we moved on to the Black Morass to talk to Medivh and get the key to Karazhan. This was an interesting and rather involved fight. From comments the other guys made this used to be quite hard, but it was a piece of cake for us. I was wondering if one day Karazhan or Gruul's Lair will seem this easy.

So I got my Kara key (and a Caverns of Time key) and saw a lot of WoW I'd never seen before. All in all, I'm actually pretty glad Gruul's was cancelled.

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