Monday, January 16, 2006

Mayor of New Orleans Pt 6

He's done it again. This time Mayor Nagin is blaming his, and New Orleans', troubles on the US invasion of Iraq. (God is angry about it, so he sent hurricanes) He also blames the hurricanes on the wrath of God about Racism in the US.

Then to cap these two lulus off, he pledges that one day New Orleans will be a "chocolate" city once again. (meaning majority Black)

1) It is clearly his goal to postpone the elections until this is true. He has the other main Katrina culprit Gov. Blanco in his corner on this one.

2) Could you imagine any White politician using the term "chocolate" to refer to Black people and getting away with it?

3) Could you imagine any politician pledging that his city would one day be majority White again?

Nagin has had his 15 minutes of fame and then some. It is time for him to hit the ash heap of history.

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Kirbside said...

sheesh, where you been... this stuff is old hat, check out my blog and see....