Monday, January 16, 2006

High School Bitch Fest Pt 2

Apparently I have pissed off the BMOC of blogdom. He has responded to my earlier post in the comments section of his blog. Apparently even though I am "an egotistical moron who has convinced himself that you are somehow above the vicious, bloody fray of the rabble. ", Jeff feels the need to respond to me. Rather than respond on my blog in the comments section of the post he refers to, he responds on his blog, of which he has apparently banned me. In my opinion, that is simply rude.

Jeff, I'm not worthy. Seriously, I'm not. I don't know why you felt the need to come to my blog and attempt to insult me, or why you felt the need to respond to my post on your blog, but you did. Maybe I hit too close to home. Understand this: I will not be bullied. I will never be as popular as you, and probably not as good a writer. But I don't give a shit. My opinions are just as valid as yours, and I will express them.

I was going to post my response to your comment that I sent to you by e-mail, but have decided not to. Feel free to post them on your blog if you wish, but frankly I don't expect you to.

Good luck with your writing, and I sincerely hope your medical condition improves. Believe it or not, it was never personal for me until you made it so.

Update (1/17/06) I just wish to point out that my blogroll contains members of Pajamas Media and bloggers who have criticized PJM.

Update II (1/21/06) Apparently I am not the only one who finds the whole thing high schoolish.


protein wisdom said...

I took down a bunch of comments to keep a stupid blog fued from escalating. One of them was your comment, which helpfully diagnosed a complex and storied problem on a level that, to me, was personal -- we were acting like high schoolers. By taking up for myself after 3 months, I was behaving like a child.

So saith you, who doesn't know me at all. You don't recognize the arrogance in that? The presumtuousness?

Nevermind that you don't personally know the people involved, or the history of the conflict. YOu just know that, when it comes to diagnosing the tussles of others, you are in a perfect position to do so.


Well, actually, no, Gahrie, they aren't. Because mine, in this instance, are informed by context and history and personal experience, whereas yours are simply an attempt to interject yourself into a problem that wasn't yours with cheap bromides that I feld insulting.

Even so, I didn't scold you or ban your or even address you until you reposted the comment.

Why did you do that, Gahrie? Stop the defensive self-righteous posting for a second and answer me that. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO REPOST IT? Did you think I made a simple clerical error when I deleted the post the first time? Were you so proud of it that you needed it repeated? Were you trying not to be "bullied by me" on my own site by saying, in effect, "screw YOU, man. I'll comment on your site when I WANT to comment on your site"?

I didn't make this personal. You did. But never fear -- there's an entire support group you can join of those I have wronged who will commisserate with your horrific treatment at my hands. Seriously. Just ask, and I'll send you my daily hate mail.

Which has more to do with my unwillingess to put up with chest bumping than does my "medical condition."

For the record, my medication is for shortness of breath (it's an anti-convulsive), and it was prescribed by a GP, not a psychiatrist. I've never been to a psychiatrist. I already know I'm nuts and don't need to spend money to have that validated.

But that hasn't stopped some folks in the blogosphere from starting this new rumor that I'm on psychiatric drugs.

Join in the fun. Attack my character. Play the victim.

But before you do, ask yourself if you played any part in this, or if I'm just the evil BMOC of blogdom you want to paint me as.

Incidentally, I'm happy to take away the ban. I simply did it because I didn't want you reposting the comment a third time. Just let me know, and I'll welcome you back into the fold. And you won't even have to kiss my ring or the hem of my robe.

Gahrie said...

OK. Thank you for at least showing me the courtesy to respond on my blog.

1) As I already told you in at least one (and I believe two) e-mail(s), I posted the comment the second time because I believed it did not post the first time. I have no experience with people deleting non-profane comments, especially without making note of the fact that a comment was deleted. Do you really believe attempting to post a second time deserves the response you gave me?

2) When I made the comment about things getting high schoolish, I was responding to things everybody had an equal knowledge of, comments made by you and others all over the blogosphere. My comment was directed at the tone and nature of those comments, not at any underlying truth to any allegations made in them. The comment also was quite clearly aimed at both sides of the argument. However, as I have already told you, you have yet to point out a single factual inaccuracy I have made.

3) You state that your putpose of deleting comments was to keep a blog feud from escalating, and then you come to my blog and make a comment you had to know was sure to start a new one.

4) I don't hate you, and don't want to be identified with those who do. I simply believe that I have as much right as you to state my opinion. You have every right to ban me, and delete my comments. If you had simply sent me an email, or left my name and the message "comment deleted", I would have never attempted to repost my comment. If you will examine my previous posts on your site, you will see I always behaved appropriately.

5) The only public comment I have made about your character is that I thought some of your posts were high schoolish. If that is traumatic for you, you are going to go through life as a basket case. I have made no reference to your medical condition beyond wishing you well.

6) I will admit I made two assumptions you would probably consider mistakes. A) I thought my comment that everyone was behaving high schoolish was valid, appropriate, and far from trollish. B) I assumed the reason why my comment didn't show was that I had made a mistake, rather than realizing that you had deleted it.

7) I would appreciate you lifting your ban, because as I have stated, I do enjoy your writing and I did enjoy contributing to your site. I believe all of this was sadly unnecessary.

protein wisdom said...

I didn't get your emails. And if you haven't been following the PJM "controversy" over the last three months, then you'd have no idea what was happening, or what I was reacting to.

So I apologize.

At the same time, I'd suggest that you be careful about evaluating sides in a dispute you are unfamiliar with. If you need proof that your assessment was factually inaccurate, you can do a few searches on the topic of PJM. I have no desire to relive it.

The ban should be lifted. All I did was block the IP, which I think I've now fixed.