Saturday, January 07, 2006

Battlestar Galactica pt 2

I bought the boxed set of the mini-series and season 1 on DVD today. I started watching them on my computer (17in flatscreen) rather than my TV. (28in tube) The difference is amazing. I'm definitely buying an HD TV as soon as possible, and hopefully a flatscreen LED one.

If you are a fan of BG, and haven't done so, I recommend you go back and watch the mini-series again. It gives you a whole new perspective.

It seems to me like the mini series was setting the Boxy character up to be a re-occurring character. His intro to the chief, and he is in the front row of the funeral scene with the main characters, in a fleet uniform. I don't remember him appearing in the regular series though.

Update (1/8/06): I missed this episode when it aired. First Boxy sighting in the regular series - a walk by cameo in Episode 3. He later appears with Starbuck in the ready room and is rude to Col Tigh. I'm not real happy about that. He has a couple of other cameos in this episode.

Update (1/15/06) I'm watching the deleted scenes from Season 1, and one of them is a scene of Boxy in Episode 2 (Water). He breaks into Boomer's locker and finds the bag she had in the beginning of the episode with her wet clothes and (bloody? Rusty?) towel. There is a second scene in which he again shows a smart mouth to an adult. Later in the scene he is dealing Ambrosia to a member of the crew. There is another deleted scene in Episode 12 (Kobold's Last Gleaming Pt.1) where Boomer is practcing quick drawing her gun, and pulls it on him. All in all, I'm glad it appears that they have decided to write the character out of the series.


Kirbside said...

wasnt boxy the son of one of the girls in the first series, with a robot dog moffet?

Kirbside said...

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