Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Response to the Left

I got up this morning and was greeted by a rant from the left on one of the list servers I belong to. The sender is a constant critic of the Bush administration and the War in Iraq. This most recent post complained about the loss of innocent life in Iraq. This is my response:

Innocent people get killed in wars. It has always happened, and always will. It's why war is so terrible. But the US has always lead the way in limiting innocent casualties.

We've come a long way since the reward for a victorious army was to rape and loot the city. Or human shields. Or carpet bombing whole cities to destroy one factory. Or gassing whole villages.

There is a reason why the US invented precision weapons, and continues to. There is a reason why the US spends billions researching non lethal weapons. There is a reason why the US spent billions dropping food, not bombs in the early days of the Afghan war. (and there is not another country on Earth that would have done so)

John there is a reason why the US has not had a successful terrorist attack since 9/11, and it isn't because Osama is a swell guy.

It's because the terrorists are busy fighting and dying in Iraq. it's because captured terrorists are being held and interrogated in Gitmo. It's because the NSA is monitoring communications of Al Queda (do you really think the government gives a damn what you say on your phone or what web sites you visit?)

The US has been safe because of all the things the left is currently condemning, and frankly it is starting to sicken me.

The left caused the holocaust in Indochina, and now apparently they will not be content until they endanger the US public also. History is not going to be kind to the actions of the left over the past 50 years, but I still have to live through it.

Is America perfect? Hell no, but it is the best, most humane country on Earth, with the best, most humane military on Earth, and it is past time for you on the left to remember that.


Fred said...

You wrote: "and there is not another country on Earth that would have done so".

I don't believe there's another country on earth that has attacked as many countries as we have, either.

Kirbside said...

Fred -

Step away from the pipe. your obviously high.

Gahrie said...

And how many countries have we subjugated? How many countries have we protected from tyranny? How many countries have we freed from tyranny?