Monday, January 30, 2006

Sen. Chafee

This guy really chaps my ass. He has received millions of dollars of support from the Republican party in fighting against more conservative challengers from the right. Then he turns around and supports the filibuster, thus giving the Democrats the cover they need to start calling the filibuster bipartisan. It's time to abandon Chafee, and let him change parties like he obviously wants to do, and support Stephen Laffey. I hearby pledge that I will donate no money to any Republican organization that does not repudiate Chafee and support Laffey.

Update: Apparently sanity returned, and Chafee voted for cloture. I'm still not thrilled with the guy. All he has managed to do is annoy both the right and the left.


GS said...

quick to turn on one of your own, aren't you there?

you all aren't any better than the liberals out there going after chris matthews.

GS said...

yeah, he voted to cut off debate, but he's going to vote against him in the actual confirmation.