Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Local Teacher's Union pt 2

I have a long day today. The union is having all of the reps attend the school board meeting in a show of force to show our displeasure with contract negoiations.

For some reason, we start every year without a new contract and operate based on the old one. Our work year begins in July, and we still haven't come to an agreement with the school district on what we should be paid for the 2005-2006 school year. (the one that is half over already)

The State gave our District a 5% adjustment this year. So we are asking for a 5% raise. We are one of the lowest paid districts in the area, and we are losing teachers and have unfilled positions. The District offered us 1% at first. Then 2%, and I guess the latest offer was 2.5%.

I personally think we are going to get something around 3.5%. Then we are going to get this huge retro pay check for the differential back to last July. This money comes in a big chunk, and the government takes a bigger chunk of taxes the month it shows. Plus most of us could have used that extra $100 or so a month during the year.

Then in July, we'll start all over gain.

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