Saturday, January 28, 2006

Battlestar Galactica pt 8

A so-so episode last night. Looks like Pegasus needs a new commander. Again. It might be tough finding someone to do the job. (I imagine the wardroom full of officers going.."I'm not going to do be the commander.") Actually it brings up a bit of military inconsistency. Since Pegasus is the more modern and militarily capable ship, Admiral Adama should have shifted his flag to her from Galactica, and left Col. Tigh in charge. Looks like Zarek is in charge of the black market now, building himself a new power base. That will probably come back to haunt Adama and Roslin. It also looks like Roslin is getting ready to put the hammer down on Baltar. With all of Adama's talk about family, I don't see him killing the Caprica Boomer or her baby.

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Darleen said...

I enjoyed this episode more than "Epiphanies" and character studies really are a strength of BSG.

Adama has this quirk about Galactica, which is why it survived the original Cylon attack. It wasn't networked (and IIRC the Pegasus only survived because it was offline at the time of the attack). I can see why the Cmdr would prefer to stick with the ship he knows.

Speculation at our household is Pegasus may end up being the target of the nuclear weapon.