Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl XLV

Hmmm..long intro featuring different groups of people reading the Declaration Of Independence, led by Colin Powell and Roger Goodell sponsored by Fox Sports and the NFL.

3:00 PM:

Promo for the Daytona 500, followed buy a regular Toyota commercial.

Next an anti smoking commercial.

A Chase online banking commercial for phone apps.

A Dodge Ram commercial.

Another Fox promo..for Fox News this time. Nothing special yet.

3:02 PM:

The pre-game begins. Joe Buck pretty much carries the whole show.


PM: Ford Focus commercial. Trying to get people to go online to their site.

AT&T online surfing commercial.

All State Insurance commercial by the "I'm a ..." guy. An American Idol commercial.

Fox Promo for Animation Domination.

3:07 PM:

Back to the pre-game. Introduction of the teams. Sam Waterson introduces the Steelers franchise. Sam introduces the Packer franchise also.

3:14 PM:

A commercial for a Sandler movie called Just Go With It.

A commercial for a big dipper pizza at Pizza Hut.

A commercial about "eco-boost" engine trucks from Ford.

Movie commercial for Battle: Los Angeles...looks like an alien invasion movie.

Fox promo for House and The Chicago Code

NFL commercial for public service/Play 60.

3:17 PM:

Back to pregame. Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award: Madieu Williams...spoke from Iraq. Lea Michelle from Glee sang "America the Beautiful" backed by a military choir..I hated the arrangement. Christina Aguilera sang the National Anthem. She screwed up the lyrics and made it all about her..I am not impressed.

3:24 PM:

A commercial for Kung Fu Panda 2.

A commercial for McDonald's featuring the bears taking food away from sightseers.

A commercial for featuring a cross-dresser.

A phone commercial by AT&T about 4G.

Fox promos for some of their shows.

A commercial for Bones.

3:27 PM:

A promo for the NFL about the game called The Journey featuring Michael Douglas.

3:30 PM:

Coin toss. Steelers take tails. Coin comes up heads and Packers defer.

3:32 PM:

Follow up Ford Focus commercial, really pushing people to go online.

Fox Sports promo.

3:33 PM:

Sideline interviews.

3:34 PM:

kick off. 37 yard return. 3 and out for the Steelers on the first possession. The punt was muffed, but Green Bay recovered. Green Bay makes a first down, but also punts.

3:43 PM:

"Hack Job" commercial for Bud Light.

Pug commercial for Doritos. eh.

jail break commercial for Audi. I LOL'd.

3:45 PM:

Steelers second drive starting from the 20. A very nice 15 yard run to begin with. Quickly followed by a 9+ yard run. Steelers end up punting from near midfield, goes into the end zone.

3:50 PM:

Doritos commercial..finger sucking..

A commercial for the Chevy Cruise Eco.

Commercial for Pepsi Max. Really? Hit a White woman in the head with a can of soda? I bet this commercial gets some discussion

promo for the halftime show

3:52 PM:

Packers second drive. Packers convert a third and inches when Starks bounces to the outside. Time out 5:53 in the first quarter

3:56 PM:

Bud light "product placement" commercial

Chevy Truck "Lassie" commercial

Fast Five movie commercial.

Fox promos.

3:58 PM:

Nice scramble and play by Rodgers to Jackson. Touchdown for the Packers on a third and one at 3:44 in the first quarter. Nice throw to Nelson. Extra point is good.

4:01 PM:

Pepsi Max commercial

Doritos commercial. "Grandpa"

Elantra commercial by Hyundai

Fox Promo

NFL Draft promo

4:04 PM:

Nice return but it came back because of a penalty.

4:05 PM:

A commercial for Cowboys & Aliens movie. I am so there. This looks fun.

A commercial for the Optima..I enjoyed it.

Fox Promos.

4:07 PM:

Big Ben throws while falling down in the end zone and is intercepted. Collins runs the ball back for a touchdown. Extra point is good. 14-0 Packers at 3:20 of the First quarter.


Eminen commercial for Brisk tea.

4:09 PM:

Replays of the interception. Crosby kicks from the 15. Steelers start at their 36. Ben is limping. Runs for a first down on third and 9.

4:15 PM:

"Reply all" commercial by Bridgestone

"History" commercial by Chevy for the Volt.

Go Daddy commercial introducing Joan Rivers

Fox promo for House

Verizon commercial for the iphone.

4:18 PM:

Second quarter begins. Steelers have a 3rd and 12. Steelers convert. Steelers are in the red zone at 13:02 of the second quarter. 3rd and 7. Pass completed short of the first down. Steelers field goal at 11:11 of the second quarter. 14-3 Packers

4:23 PM:

"Western" Budweiser commercial. I like this one...

Valentine's day commercial Teleflora

Commercial for Transformers 3

4:25 PM:

Packers return the kickoff to their 25

4:26 PM:

A commercial for BMW

"1984" commercial for the Motorola Zoom.

BMW "changes" commercial for diesel fuel

4:28 PM:

Packers have a 3 and out by less than a yard.

4:31 PM:

Coca Cola commercial..well done

A Commercial for a movie about Thor.

"Darth Vader" commercial for Volkswagon..good. Best break overall so far

4:33 PM:

Buck begins with a recital of Ben's legal woes. Steelers begin with a hold..1st and 20. They convert to face a 3rd and 6. The ball is snapped with 1 sec on the play clock and Steelers make the first. Time out Steelers with 4:35 left in the second quarter.

4:39 PM:

Snickers commercial ...I laughed

"chimps" by

movie commercial for Super 8

Fox promos

4:41 PM:

Ben intercepted by Bush on a 2nd and 11 at 4:28 in the second quarter. Jennings touchdown for the Packers at 2:24 in the second quarter makes it 20-3 Packers. Extra point is good, 21-3. Steelers are not out of it however.

4:47 Pm:

Packers kick off. Ben has 2:18 to get something done. Nice, big play. Exactly what the Steelers needed...

4:49 PM:

Chevy Cruze commercial

Captain America commercial...looks like the Avengers might be getting together...

Castrol commercial

Carmax commercial "I feel like a ..." I liked it

Fox promo for Glee

4:51 PM:

Ambitious throw by Ben. Time out by Green Bay at 1:54 to deal with Woodson's injury. Pass batted down on second, brings up a third and ten. Pass is caught for a first. Green Bay is bleeding secondary players (Shields and Woodson). Steelers call a time out at 1:37. Long pass play..Steelers are in the red zone with a first and goal. Hurry up. Back of the end zone, Ward for a touchdown with :39 left. Extra point good, 21-10 Packers.

4:58 PM:

Another Green Bay secondary player (Collins) leaves for the locker room. Green Bay gets the ball first in the second half.

5:00 PM:


5:01 PM:

American Idol commercial

Chevy hybrid commercial, eco pimping

weird Android phone commercial

repeat of an earlier Dodge Ram truck commercial

Fox promo

5;03 PM:

halftime show.

5:13 PM:

Because I blog through the commercials, I usually miss the halftime show...however...Fergie's version of Sweet Child O' Mine was so awful I had to say something. The production values of this show are awful.....This is the worst halftime show I can remember, a bigger disaster than Janet's nipple slip.

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