Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl XLV Second Half

5:26 PM:

Start of the second half, Packers up 21-10. Packers will get the ball first.

5:27 PM:

NFL commercial about their online content.

Fox commercial for House.

commercial for Car Warriors TV show

Nascar "Ferris wheel" commercial.

5:29 PM:

still waiting for the second half kick off. Fox promo for Glee. Touchback, Packers will start at the 20. Woodson is out for the rest of the game. Penalty, 1st and 20 from the 10. Ten yard completion, 2nd and 10. Penalty, 2nd and 15 from the 15. completion, 3rd and 5. Jones drops a probable touchdown. penalty on the punt. That was NOT a facemask.

5:36 PM: commercial

etrade baby "tailor" commercial

Ozzy Ozbourne/Justin Bieber commercial from Best Buy...funny a little

Fox commercial for the Chicago Code

American Idol commercial

5:39 PM:

Steelers start at the fifty with a long run. 3rd and 1 after a Ben scramble. First and goal for the Steelers after a Redman run. Mendenhall for the touchdown at 10:19 of the third quarter. Extra point good, 21-17 Packers.

5:43 PM:

Another Pirates movie?

Mini commercial commercial

5:45 PM:

Steelers kick off. Packers start at the 20. 3rd and 7. sack. Second half could not have started better for the Steelers. Steelers will start from their 40.

5:49 PM:

Another Elantra commercial

Timothy Hutton commercial for

Coca Cola "border" commercial

5:51 PM:

9:00 in the 3rd quarter. 3rd and 1 Steeler time out

5:53 PM:

Stella Artois commercial

CarMax commercial

X Factor commercial (Simon Cowell)

5:55 Pm:

Steelers convert. Ward makes a catch, first down inside the 30. 3rd and 13. Sack. Field goal try. Not even close. Worst shank on a field goal I have ever seen.

6:00 PM:

Chrysler commercial for Detroit, with Emenin.


Packers begin with an 18 yard competition. 3rd and 8. Time out by the Steelers at 2:34 of the 3rd quarter. incomplete.

Steelers take over at their 13. 3rd and 2. Pass is too high. Good bounce on the punt for the Steelers. A cheap foul on the Packers. Packers end up taking over on their 13.

Packers look thoroughly confused. 3rd and 10. Dropped pass being reviewed. Ruling of incomplete confirmed. Green Bay charged with a timeout. Green Bay got a penalty on the punt and had to re-kick. Much worse kick.

Steelers start from the Packers' 41. End of the 3rd

6:21 PM:

NFL commercial using classic TV clips

Jack in the Box commercial: All American Jack

HTC..apparently something to do with cellphones

Cadillac commercial

6:24 PM:

Start of the 4th quarter. Bad fumble by the Steelers. Exactly what the Packers needed.

Packers went for the home run, but incomplete. Got a much needed first down. Another dropped least three crucial passes were simply dropped by Packer receivers. 3rd and 10. Converted and long yards after the catch to about the 1 yard line, by Nelson. Rodgers sacked on 1st and goal, loss of six yards. Touchdown to Jennings who was wide open at 11:57 of the fourth quarter. Extra point good, 28-17 Packers.

6:31 PM: animated movie starring Johnny Depp commercial, talking cars

Bud Light commercial.."dogs"

Fox promo for Glee

6:33 PM:

Steelers will start around their 25.

6:34 PM:

Sonata hybrid commercial for Hyundai

Pepsi Max commercial "I wanna sleep with her"

Rio, an animated movie

6:36 PM:

Steelers get a 1st down in Packers territory. Nice screen for a second 1st down. Penalty for holding, 1st and 20. Lots of quick screens to the flat by the Steelers. 3rd and 3. Beautiful throw for a td by Ben to Wallace at 7:34 of the fourth quarter. Steelers go for 2. Pitch to Randle-El for a walk in conversion. 28-25 Packers.

6:44 PM:

Bridgestone commercial

Go Daddy commercial

"Racing stripe beetle" commercial for the VW Beetle.

Fox promo for Raising Hope.

6:46 PM:

Packers will start from the 25.

6:46 PM:

Mercedes Benz "Janis Joplin" commercial

Fox promo for Chicago Code

Fox promo for House (take off of Mean Joe Coke commercial)

promo for the NFL draft

6:48 PM:

Rodgers sacked. 3rd and 5. false start, 3rd and 10. Biiig pass play to Jennings......31 yard completion. Biiig running play by Starks. less than 5 minutes left in the game. (Steelers only have 1 timeout left) Another big completion to Jones. 1st and goal Packers. Nice drive, especially considering the start. 3rd and goal. A field goal forces the Steelers to go for the TD. Almost a catch by Nelson. 4th and goal. Field goal at 2:07 of the fourth quarter. 31-25 Packers

6:56 PM:

Chevy Camero commercial

Verizon iphone commercial.

6:58 PM:

Penalty on the kick off. Steelers will start at their 13. 1:59...the 2 minute warning.

6:59 PM:

Chevy Cruze/Glee commercial that ties in to the show tonight

commercial for a movie...Limitless.

commercial for Skeechers shoes

commercial for Terra Nova (new TV show)

commercial for another new TV show

commercial for Glee

7:02 PM:

Big catch for a 15 yd gain. small gain. 1:28 left. thrown away. 1:02 left. 3rd and 5. incomplete. 4th down, less than 1 minute. Almost too much time, incomplete.

Packers do their kneel downs. Packers win 31-25!

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