Monday, February 21, 2011

Political Gibberish

I was watching a documentary on President Reagan on HBO last night. At one point they were discussing Reagan's economic policies. One typical liberal elite was discussing the tax cuts, and how they represented a vast transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Did you get that? Letting someone keep the money he made, instead of taking it from him and giving it to someone else is somehow a transfer of wealth to the taxpayer! This "elite" was actually arguing that reducing the amount of wealth you transfer from the rich to the poor is actually a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. The poor are actually entitled to the money, it is their money. The worst part is that no one ever calls the left on this assumption.

A similar piece of deceptive political talk is to call reductions in the amount of a raise a cut. President Obama's budget for 2011 talks about cuts, but actually spends more money than his 2010 budget!

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