Friday, January 28, 2011

T.D.I.H. - Jan 28

This is a pretty important day for manned space exploration. First of all, it is the anniversary of the Challenger disaster. I was watching the launch live that morning, and I vividly remember my rage when the TV commentator didn't immediately realize what had happened like I did. This explosion killed seven astronauts and grounded the shuttle fleet for several years.

In happier news, a couple of astronauts and a cosmonaut were born on this day. Leonid Kadeniuk from the Ukraine was born in 1951 went into space on the space shuttle Columbia in 1997. David Carl Hilmers from Iowa was born in 1950. He flew into space four times, twice each on the Atlantis and Discovery. John McCreary Fabian was born in Texas in 1939. He flew into space twice, once each on the Challenger and the Discovery.

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