Wednesday, January 19, 2011

T.D.I.H. - Jan 19

On this day, in 1978, the last German-made Classic Volkswagon Beetle rolled off the production line. They continued to be built in Latin America until 2003. I seriously thought of buying one of the Latin American VWs new around 2000, but the costs to make it street legal in California were prohibitive. I really love Volkswagons....I've owned lots of them. But it's a kind of love/hate thing. I love them, but you wouldn't know it. Each one of my VWs has ended up fit only for scrapping. I'm really hard on them. (The squareback wasn't my fault...) I'd really like another squareback, or the original VW van in it's pick-up hybrid. This peculiar little car had a huge impact on America, and it will be a sad day indeed when they last one is towed off to the scrapper, or mounted in a museum. The new Beetle is OK as cars go....but it doesn't have the same panache as the original.

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