Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jets V Patriots 1/16/11

Great game by the Jets. I don't really have a favorite football team anymore. (I used to like both the Rams and Raiders, but Al and Georgia went along way to ending that, and then fantasy football finished them off) However I've been rooting for the Jets this year, based on the HBO series they did, Ryan's personality, and the fact that Sanchez was the quarterback. I hope the Jets beat the Steelers...I'd love to see Sanchez in the Superbowl.

Update 5:32 PM: I left off one of the biggest reasons I'm rooting for the Jets...Mike Greenberg. I will be setting my alarm for 3:00 AM my time so I can hear Greeny in the morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning....I hope he's not taking the day off for MLK jr day.........

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