Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T.D.I.H. - Jan 18

Keep an eye on the skies today. For some reason, things keep hitting the Earth on this date. In 2000, Canada was hit by the Tagish Lake Meteorite. In 1994, residents of Cando, Spain reported seeing a fireball and finding a gouge in a hillside. Some people posit that instead of something hitting the Earth, the fireball and gouge were caused by natural gas. In 1981, Phil Smith and Phil Mayfield became the first people to complete all four B.A.S.E. jumps. (buildings, antennae, spans, and earth) There were plane crashes in 1969 and 1960. In 1916 a meteorite hit a house in Baxter, Missouri. In 1911, an airplane lands on a ship for the first time in San Francisco harbor.

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