Friday, January 21, 2011

Barak and the Left

Althouse wrote a post talking about the fact that the governnor of Hawaii has just announced that he can't find Pres. Obama's birth certificate, after he had promised to find it. In the comments section, at about 7:34, someone posted the following quote under the name Florida:

If you think about it, Barack Obama's been kind of a douchebag to the left. I mean, he's made them all look like a bunch of fucking chumps and dupes.

Not only did he not close Gitmo, he stopped in-progress trials and instead is torturing these people without giving them a fair trial - no wait ...without giving them any kind of a trial fair or not!

Not only did he not bring troops home from Iraq (we still have 50,000 there guarding our oil),he sent 30,000 more of them into Afghanistan with instructions to kill as many brown people as they can target with their flying robot drones.

Not only did Barack Obama not raise taxes on the rich ... he gave them a fucking 2-year tax break! Hahahaha ... you fucking suckers.

Now Obama is surreptitiously planning the destruction of the nation's public employee unions by allowing states to declare bankruptcy and poorhouse all those retirees who trusted them! I mean ... you gotta be fucking kidding me! Never trust a fucking Democrat. Jesus you people are fucking stupid.

An interesting perspective.....

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