Monday, January 03, 2011

Climate Change As A Security Threat

Jonathan Murray has written an article for Politico called Climate change: Next security threat. He spends most of the article attacking oil rather than discussing climate change. His main contention is:

In Washington, veterans have met with scores of senators to ask for support for a climate and energy policy that reduces dependence on oil.
This oil dependence is among the most dangerous threats to U.S. national security. For years, senior military and intelligence officials have warned that too much of U.S. oil payments eventually trickle down to terrorists, who use it to buy the weapons used against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Which sounds good. However what he never mentions is an obvious alternate suggestion.....start producing oil in the United States again. Not only would it solve the national security issue, keep billions of dollars in the American economy, provide a huge stimulus to the economy, lower the price of gasoline for all Americans, and provide good paying jobs; it would also provide the life preserver the state of California so desperately needs. (There was an actual, serious attempt to legalize marijuana this year in California that relied solely on the opportunity to tax the new industry...that is how bad things are here) However drilling for oil in the US makes too much sense, so there is no way the Left will go along with it.

Bottom line, don't expect us to give any credence to an argument from the Left that oil is a national security threat.

Update 1/4/11 3:23 - Fox news just dedicated a segment tonight making the case for increased domestic production of oil. (and spelling mistakes)

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