Thursday, January 20, 2011

Proving I'm A Grinch

There was a great story in the New York Post today about a mother and daughter being re-united after the daughter was abducted as a baby twenty-three years ago. Great story right?

Well, I actually read the story. I was struck by one thing however. (and this is where we get to the whole grinch thing) The mom in this story gave birth at age sixteen. So did the daughter sixteen years later. No one seems to care very much about that.

"But she didn't raise the daughter, so there is no connection to the fact that both gave birth at sixteen" you may argue. "Precisely,", I reply, "and that is the most troubling part of it to me."

How rare do you think this phenomena is? How many 32 year old grandmothers do you think there are?

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