Friday, March 24, 2006

What About Real Women?

In a column on, Jeff Jacoby takes the Men's Roe V Wade case to task. Now I've written previously on this blog about my thoughts, and in comments sections all over the internet. I agree with the basic premise of Matt Dubay and his lawyers: under current law, men are treated unequally and inequitably when it comes to reproduction and family law. My summation is : Women have many reproductive rights and few (no) responsibilities. Men have few (virtually none) reproductive rights and many responsibilities. I have laid out my case for this in my earlier post.

The basic premise of Jacoby's column is that real men support their children. I agree with this also. I believe both parents have a moral obligation to provide their children with the best possible environment to grow up in.

However where is the discussion of what a real women does? I believe a real women nutures and protects her child. She doesn't kill it in her womb, she doesn't abandon it in a closet, or even in a hospital ER. If she can't provide for it, she gives it up for adoption. I can hear the gasps flying up all over the blogosphere: "How dare you judge a woman's reproductibve choice!" My answer: Why the hell not? If it is OK (and I think it is) to state that a real man lives up to his obligations and supports his child, then why can't I say a real women lives up to her obligations and gives birth to her child?

As Jacoby says, when a man consents to sex (and sometimes when he doesn't or can't consent) he obligates himself to the possibility that the women will become pregnant, and he will have the responsibility to support his child. Why is it however that when a women consents to sex, she doesn't obligate herself to the possibility that she will become pregnant, and have the responsibility to give birth to her child?

The main argument that supports mandatory child support is that you do not punish the child, and must look after the interests of the child. This argument also supports mandating the woman to give birth to her child, which is why the Left is so insistent with it's nonsensical argument that the fetus is not human.

Jacoby places the blame for the status quo on "predatory males". I agree they are a problem, but I place as much blame on irresponsible women.

If all men behave like real men, and all women behaved like real women, the world would be a much better place.

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