Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is Pres. Bush Meadowlark Lemon?

Sen. Norm Coleman has issued a press release stating that Pres. Bush's entire cabinet should submit resignations, and that Pres. Bush should accept most of them. The justification for this is the administration's poor performance, especially in getting out the administration's message. A couple of commentators were discussing this on Fox this afternoon, and one came up with a great analogy. He said that the Bush administration is the Harlaam Globetrotters and the Democrats are their traditional patsys, the Washington Generals. His point was that the Bush administarion should be making the Democrats look stupid and ineffectual, with ease. But what he and everyone else on the show failed to note was that in this case, the scorekeeper and ref (MSM), who are supposed to be neutral, are actually on the side of the Generals. That's why it is a close game. That's why the economy which should be a slam dunk is instead called as hanging on the rim. That's why the record on terror, which should be a three pointer is instead called palming the ball. That's why what should be a blow out is instead a close game in the fourth.

(how's that for dragging an analogy to death?)

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