Friday, March 24, 2006

The Iron Lady's War

On March 25, 1982 the United Kingdom officially responded to an Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands. Argentina and the UK had been disputing the ownership of the islands for almost 150 years. The Islanders themselves clearly wanted to remain under the rule of the UK.

Prime Minister Thatcher reacted to the occupation of South Georgia by Argentines by sending a Royal Navy vessel to evict them on this day 24 years ago. The Argentine Navy moved to intercept the HMS Endurance, which then retreated to avoid conflict. Within a week, Argentuna and the United Kingdom were in a shooting war.

I was living in the UK at the time, and the Falklands War had a profound effect on the UK. It brought about a renewed sense of patriotism, but also forced the British public to deal with the horrors of a televised war. A lesser PM would have simply abandoned the Falkland Islands and the people who lived there. Baroness Thatcher is one of the UK's all time greats, and a true friend to the US to boot.

Thanks Maggie, and heres hoping I don't get your points this year.

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