Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Dixie Chicks

First let me begin by saying I used to be one of the Dixie Chicks' biggest fans. I jumped on their bandwagon way early, and I had their first two CDs and was about to buy their third when it happened.

Secondly, let me state that I believe in free speech, and they had the right to have and express their opinions.

But to go on stage in time of war when you are overseas, and badmouth our president steps over the line for me. If they had made the comments in the US, I still would have been upset. But I probably could have dealt with it. As it is, their actions, and the way they reacted to the controversy, upset me so much that I literally cannot listen to them anymore. When I hear them I get angry all over again.

They made a serious miscalculation career-wise also. Country music fans are very patriotic, and they made the mistake of getting in a pissing match with Toby Keith who had several patriotic songs out at the time.

They have just released another album, and their first single is unrepentent at best.

I wish them well. They are very talented. But they have lost this fan for life.

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Mary said...

I'm with you on this one. I heard they also keep bringing up the Toby incident and stating how they're sick of hearing about it. From what I can tell everyone but them have moved on.