Saturday, February 04, 2006

Conflicting Civilizations

First let me state that I have been a supporter of the Palestinian people for over 20 years. I believe they were treated horribly by the UK, the UN, Israel and the US in the 1940's, and that that has led to the decades of violence since. I believe they deserve a homeland every bit as much as the Jews do.

That being said, I have now come to believe we are in a war between competing civilizations, the modern Western Liberal (in the classical sense) civilization, and the medieval, Eastern Islamic civilization. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that there can be no accommodation between the two civilizations, for the same reason that there could never be an accommodation between the US and the USSR. (despite the left's 40 years of attempts) This is because the Islamic civilization (like the USSR) is only interested in world domination, not accommodation and co-existence. In fact, its basic ideology and the foundation of its existence (in both cases) demands world domination.

We were able to defeat the USSR through economic measures after forty years of conflict. In the current conflict we are actually subsidizing the Islamic civilization because of their control of oil. We have tried to change the hearts and minds of the Islamic populace with charity and Western culture. They merely accept our largesse on one hand and condemn us with the other. They see our compassion and mercy as weakness. It is becoming increasingly clear that our best, if not only option is going to be the destruction of the Islamic Civilization.

Let us be clear about what this is going to require. This will be ugly, very ugly. It will require killing hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of people. It will require mass deportations from the Western world. It will require the occupation of huge parts of the world by the West, with an accompanying brutal and repressive occupation while we impose our civilization. It will require the virtual (if not actual) eradication of the Islamic Religion. It will challenge our very notions of our own civilization, by forcing us to behave in ways we now find repugnant. It could very well destroy our civilization in its current form also.

But it is becoming increasingly clear that it is coming down to a matter of us or them. And I vote for us. Even if examined unselfishly, and critically it is inarguable that our civilization is superior and preferable by every standard of comparison.

It is sad actually. At one time the Islamic civilization was the height of civilization. They preserved knowledge they would have been lost forever during the West's Dark Ages. They made advancements in medicine, science, mathematics and poetry. There are many admirable attributes to their religion. However, their one fatal flaw, their intolerance for other ways of life and call for jihad, overwhelms the rest.

I truly fear that the time for crusades has returned, and heaven help us all.

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GS said...

you may well be right, gahrie.

it was easy to dismiss al-qaida as a miniscule perversion of islam. after the riots in france and this latest incident with the cartoons, i am beginning to think this sort of behavior may not be an "exception" to the peaceful norm.