Sunday, February 05, 2006

SuperBowl XL (Liveblog)

3:05 - Where was Terry Bradshaw for the MVP salute? I don't remember seeing him? Is there a conflict between Fox and ABC that wouldn't let him appear?

3:12 - National anthem was uneven to say the least. Neither Aretha Franklin nor Aaron Neville were up to it. Disappointing and embarassing frankly.

3:15 - First commercial break. Nothing special.

3:22 - Coin toss. Seattle picks tales. Brady tosses tales, Seattle takes the ball.

3:24 - You've come a long way baby!, both sideline reporters are women.

3:26 - Second commercial break. Nothing special

3:27 - Opening kick off!

3:28-3:32 - Seattle's first drive. Ends with a sack on 3rd and 9.

3:32 - Third commercial break, nothing special.

3:34 - Pittsburgh's first drive. Horrible start, false start penalty. 3rd and 14, another false start.
3 and out.

3:38 - Fourth commecial break. Moderately funny Bud Light commercial. (Magic Fridge)

3:46 - Fifth commercial break. Funny Fed Ex commercial. Moderately funny Bud Light commercial (Bear attack)

3:47 - Pittsburgh 3 and out on their second drive.

3:51 - Sixth commercial break. Interesting movie clip. V for Vendetta. (I believe it's based on a comic book)

3:54 - Jackson gets his record-tying fifth reception of the first quarter.

3:55 - Jackson has his sixth catch (for a td) wiped out by his pass interference.

3:58 - 47 yd field goal, Seattle scores first, 3 - 0 with :22 left in the first quarter.

3:59 - Seventh commercial break. Funny Aleve commercial (Spock) Moderately funny Bud Light commercial (Fixing the Roof)

4:04 - End of the first quarter Seattle 3, Pittsburgh 0. The Steelers are about to go 3 and out for the third time. (4th and 10) Pittsburgh becomes only the fourth team not to get a first down in the first quarter.

4:04 - Eighth commercial break. Nothing special

4:07 - Begin of second quarter. Good punt return by Seattle, called back by holding.

4:11 - Blown call. That was a catch and fumble by Stevens.

4:12 - Ninth Commercial break. Funny Budweiser commercial (Streaker)

4:15 - Bettis' first carry. Gained 2.

4:16 - Pittsburgh gets their first first down on a 3rd and 8.

4:17 - End around for 17 yards by Pittsburgh. Back to back firsts.

4:18 - Tenth commercial break. Nothing special

4:20 - First turnover, Seattle interception

4:20 - Eleventh commercial break. Dove self-esteem fund? WTF?????

4:25 - Twelth commercial break. Second Ford commercial about their hybrid.

4:29 - First Al Michaels Lake Placid reference. C'mon Al, that was 26 years ago!

4:34 - Big play by Pittsburgh. Nice scramble and toss. First and goal.

4:35 - Thirteenth commercial break. Nothing special.

4:37 - Two minute warning. Fourteenth commercial break. Another Posiedon Adventure remake? Didn't they just have a Posiedon TV movie a couple of months ago? 5 blade razors? Why?

4:40 - Pittsburgh scores on a QB keeper by Roethlisberger at 1:55 of the second. Should be reviewed. It is.

4:41 - Fifteenth commercial break. Nothing special

4:43 - Play stands, TD. I think it's the wrong call, but it was close.

4:44 - Pittsburgh leads 7-3.

4:44 - Sixteenth commercial break. Nothing special.

4:53 - Seattle misses a 53 yd field goal with :02 in the first half.

4:54 - HalfTime Pittsburgh 7 Seattle 3. I'm not going to blog halftime, I have chores and I'm sure plenty of people will blog it.

5:30 - Second half kick off.

5:32 - Willie Parker breaks a 75 yd run for a TD. Nice play. Longest rush in the SuperBowl.

5:33 - 14:38 in the 3rd Pittsburgh 14, Seattle 3

5:33 - Seventeenth commercial break. Nothing special.

5:41 - 50 Yd field goal attempt by Seattle, missed.

5:41 - Eighteenth commercial break. Cute Budweiser commercial.

5:47 - Nice ten yd run by The Bus to the 10.

5:49 - Nineteenth commercial break. Nothing special

5:51 - Seattle interception inside their 10. Run back to the Pittsburgh 20. Herndon ran out of gas or he would have scored. Longest interception return in Superbowl history. Quite a few records being broken tonight.

5:54 - TD reception by Jeremy Stevens. He finally held onto a ball.

5:55 - Pittsburgh 14, Seattle 10 at 6:45 of the third

5:55 - Twentieth commercial break. Nothing special

6:01 - Twenty-first commercial break. That stupid five blade razor again.

6:14 - End of the 3rd quarter. Pittsburgh 14 Seattle 10.

6:14 - Twenty-second commercial break. Mildly amusing Sprint homage to Benny Hill (ringtones). Mildly amusing Jack in the Box commercial. (Sourdough Ultimate)

6:22 - Intercepted by Taylor for Pittsburgh at his 5 yd line, run back to the 29, ending a nice drive by Seattle.

6:23 - Twenty-Third commercial break. Lame Emerald Nuts commercial.

6:25 - A bad call from the refs gives Pittsburgh 15 more yards to the 44.

6:27 - A reverse pass by Randle-El, TD catch by Hines Ward. First TD throw by a wide receiver in the Superbowl.

6:28 - Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10 at 8:56 of the fourth quarter. (phone call by my brother Thom) Big swing in the last minute of game time.

6:29 - Twenty-fourth commercial break. Nothing special.

6:33 - Fumble by Hasslebeck at 8:26 of the fourth, ruled not down by contact. Under review. Recovered by Polamau for Pittsburgh. (Another phone call by my brother.)

6:34 - Twenty-fifth commercial break. Nothing special.

6:36 - Call reversed, Seattle gets the ball back.

6:34 - Twenty-sixth commercial break. Nothing special.

6:3? - Twenty-seventh commercial break. Nothing special.

6:53 - 2 Minute warning in the fourth. Seattle will get the ball back, but has no time outs and is down by 11.

6:53 - Twenty-eighth commercial break. Nothing special.

6:58 - One minute left. It's not looking good for Seattle.

7:01 - Seattle turns it over on downs, with :03 left. Seattle was pretty ugly at the end of each half. There is no clear MVP for Pittsburgh. I wonder who they pick?

7:03 - Pittsburgh wins their fifth, 21-10. I'm happy for Bettis, but I really don't like Cowher.

7:14 - The MVP is Hines Ward. He's as worthy as anyone else. I probably would have gone with Willie Parker.


Kirbside said...

sheesh, did ya hear Young, Irvin and Jackson at halftime? Did they all bet on seatle?

The correct read on the first half is that pittsburgh had its worst two quaters in a long long time... and seatle could not capitalize on it. Sure Pittsburgh was bad... But they are up 7-3. Pittsburgh needs to put those two quarters behind them and come out as if they are down two touchdowns...

Gahrie said...

I was busy doing the clothes and taking out the trash. The Stones were completely underwhelming. Mick's walker and Keith's oxygen bottle really put a damper on things. I hope their Depends held out for the whole show.