Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cheney's Hunting Accident pt 2

OK, As I understand it the whole problem with the accident is that Cheney waited 18 hours to report the accident, right?

Well let us just imagine that Cheney had held a press conference that same day on the hospital lawn immediately after Mr. Whittington had been admitted. The story we would all be hearing about now is:

"How come it always has to be about Cheney? His friend is lying there hurt in hospital and he's holding a press conference. How arrogant. "


"They just released the story now to try and suck up all the news space and distract from the Katrina hearings and Iran starting to enrich uranium."


unnaked girl said...

I’m not sure that’s the whole issue. The whole thing is signature of Cheney's governmental participation.

He doesn't say much publicly, his actions tend to have a lot more impact then it seems from first glance, and he seems to have little regard for the fact that, as a member of the White House and a representative of this nation to the world, he has a responsibility to the public to keep us informed of his actions.

Yes, there would be little good media if he had come out with a public statement of remorse immediately; but I think that this delay is going to be detrimental to any continuing political career and it is signature of his disregard for the obligations of his post.

Fred said...

As I suggested on at least one other blog, he does have legal considerations. He's probably said more than he should of already.

Some are speculating on possible criminal actions against Cheney, especially if the victim died, although I think that's a long shot.

There's also the very real possibility of civil action, whether by the victim or someone else.

Sometimes it's best to say as little as possible. He's already said more than he should of, imo, although it would be hard for him not to say anything being in the position he's in.

Kirbside said...

I am sorry, but he doesnt have to tell us a damn thing. It is the Job of the VP to NOT be in the public eye. He has not responsibility to keep "us" informed of his actions, he is an american and entitled to all the same rights that we have. He isnt planning on running for anything after this job. It is not his administration, therefore, unlike Gore, He knows how to keep in place, quiet and available in case something happened to Bush.

Ed said...

I'm sorry I guess it's just me. I want to know if an elected offical shoots someone...and I want them to tell me in a timely maner. I don't think he wanted to wack the guy or send a message or run off with anyone. I would just like to know if my VP shoots someone. I want to know if the Mayor of my town shoots someone. I don't need to know if they rearend someone. I don't need to know their tree fell in the street. I do need to know that they shot someone. If that's to much for him then step down. So Rice becomes VP you say that like it's a bad thing. She would tell me if she shot someone.

Kirbside said...

I am sorry, its just me, but I dont think the left would ever find anything Bush or Cheney do acceptable. For example... to use Ed's claim.... If Cheney rearended someone you would want to know... including a blood sample to see if he was drunk.... But Ted, He can wait a few hours....

Gahrie said...

Ed - You do know that the Vice-President was involved in a hunting accident. It was announced less than a day later. Apparently 18 hours was a long enough wait that Cheney deserves to be impeached or must step down. So how long would have been soon enough? 12 hours? 6 hours? 2 hours? 30 minutes? The truth of the matter is, no matter what the facts of the incident had been, and no matter how soon the incident had been reported, the MSM and the Left would have done exactly what they did do, seize it as an opportunity to attack the Vice-President and the administration.