Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why Deify Earnhardt?

This weekend is the fifth anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death. Once again people are making a big deal about it. OK, I can handle that. But what I don't understand is how he suddenly became the "greatest NASCAR driver ever".

What I remember of Earnhardt is the reckless and dangerous manner in which he drove. I remember the fights he got into for knocking other drivers out of a race. I remember the disrepect he had for other drivers. He was the "bad boy" of NASCAR. Even his fans called him "The Intimidator".

As far the "Greatest driver in NASCAR", there is only one man who deserves that title, and it is hands down, Richard Petty, The King. There is simply no argument possible if you know anything about NASCAR. He was the first driver to win seven NASCAR championships. (to be fair, Earnhardt is the only other driver to do the same thing) Petty won 200 races. (by comparison Earnhardt only won 76 races)

Everyone makes a big deal about the fact that Earnhardt's son is a NASCAR driver. Richard Petty is part of four generations of NASCAR drivers:
His father Lee, who also won a NASCAR championship,
His son Kyle,
and his grandson Adam, who unfortunately was killed in a NASCAR accident.

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