Friday, July 22, 2005

Strike of the Left Wing Moonbats Pt. 2

Anita Hill has slid from beneath whatever rock she was hiding under in order to put her two cents in on Judge Roberts' nomination. Guess what, she's opposed to it. There is talk that when Chief Justice Rehnquist retires, President Bush will nominate Justice Thomas to replace him. I certainly hope so. I would love to see Prof. Hill and the Democrats try to resurrect the accusations she made when Justice Thomas was first nominated to the Supreme Court. I dare you (and the Democrats) to compare the allegations (and the Democratic reaction to them) made against Justice Thomas in 1991 to the allegations (and the Democratic reaction to them) made against President Clinton in 1994. The allegations made against President Clinton were much more credible than the ones against Justice Thomas. The allegations against President Clinton had contemporanous confirmation, came from multiple women, and were much more serious than those against Justice Thomas. Not one allegation against Justice Thomas was proven true, and President Clinton was forced to admit to not only having adulterous sex in the Oval office with an intern (much more serious legally than sexually harassment) , he had to admit to lying it about it under oath. However the feminists and leftists reacted completely differently. Plus, Paula Jones was willing to go to court to prove her allegations, and Prof. Hill attempted to anonymously smear Justice Thomas. So bring it on Anita, I'd love for you to lead the fight against President Bush's nominees.

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